A Coaching Tip to Release Pressure

Release pressure with this coaching tip

Written by Eve

April 12, 2021

Do you frequently use “should” in your language?

Using the word “should” creates pressure and connotes judgment with the way things are.

“Should” (along with “have to” and “need to”) make our choices feel like burdens and obligations.

Explore how you feel if you release saying should, have to, and need to for a day or longer.

It may be helpful to use get to (“I get to exercise”) or choose to (“I choose to eat more veggies today”) when discussing your goals, choices, and desires.

Listen to yourself without getting entangled in your emotions and thoughts.

In this state of presence, you can begin to identify the beliefs that are creating your non-nourishing thought patterns and feelings.

Then you get to decide whether you want to continue holding on to these old ideas or to create new empowering truths for yourself.

If you’re a coach, becoming present to your beliefs by observing your own language will help you learn how to easily identify your clients’ belief systems.

The first step to transformation is consciousness.

The more we can become conscious of the patterns creating obstacles in our own lives, the more easily we can help others awaken to the same types of patterns in their lives.

By helping your clients transform core beliefs that directly limit their identity, they will free up tremendous energy to be able to achieve their goals.

Take a moment to imagine how you will feel without the pressure that using should, have to or need to create?

I invite you to explore this simple shift with an open heart and observe how you feel when you choose to talk to yourself with more love and compassion.

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