• Are you ready for a career that inspires and fulfills you while giving you financial prosperity and freedom?
  • Are you yearning for a successful profession filled with purpose, passion and joy that empowers others and helps create a brighter future for our world?
  • Do you dream about a calling that rejuvenates and enriches you on many levels, that you actually wake up excited about, rather than work that creates stress and fatigue in your life?
  • Are you at an important juncture in your life or career? Are you looking for a new way to create both financial and spiritual wealth and richness in your life that also helps improve the world?
  • Are you on a spiritual path and want to learn powerful approaches that you can use to help yourself, your family and your clients create a bright future filled with grace, ease and abundance?

If you said Yes to any of these questions,
Then You Belong in the Transform Coaching Academy™

Dear Friends, I have great news for you–you are in the right place at the right time! With the Transform Coaching Academy™ Coaching Certification Program you can have a thriving Coaching Career that fits beautifully with your lifestyle and gives you the prosperity, freedom, flexibility and abundance to work the schedule you prefer from anywhere in the world. This comprehensive coaching certification training, accredited by the International Coach Federation, will allow you to master the coaching program, skills and tools needed to help your clients build rich, rewarding lives. And it can all be done from the comfort and convenience of your home or office at a pace that compliments your current life, family, and career commitments!

Hi, I’m Dr. Eve Agee, Certified Coach, Best-Selling Author, Personal Transformation Expert, Award Winning Educator, Anthropologist and Founder of the Transform Coaching AcademyTM. For over eighteen years, I have helped thousands of people throughout the world transform their lives for the better and get exceptional results through my coaching programs, which have been celebrated and featured in top coaching publications and media. My bestselling book is the Winner of the International Book Awards and my programs have been featured on NBC, ABC, BBC, iTV and NPR.

I'm so glad you're here because the world needs more well-trained coaches! We've reached a critical juncture on a global level and it's essential that we find a new way forward. I truly believe skilled coaches will play an integral part of creating an abundant, sustainable future for all.

The Transform Coaching Academy™ is an exceptional coach certification program where I personally teach you how to become an excellent coach and create a prosperous coaching business. This program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), so you can become ICF certified if you wish. You will learn the best of coaching, based on the International Coach Federation core competencies, combined with powerful coaching business strategies and transformational techniques so you can have a bigger impact and more prosperity. I will be committed to you, I will support you, I will believe in you unconditionally and I will help you make the most of your precious life. Now in its eighth year, this highly respected training program has been so rewarding for everyone who has taken it. I am thrilled to offer the Transform Coaching AcademyTM Certification Program to you so more people can benefit from these profound processes and together we can help transform our world.

2019 Enrollment starting soon

"The Power of this Retreat is Beyond Words"
-Denise Bischof, Transform Coaching Academy Graduate

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Use this to jump-start your coaching career and make the money you deserve empowering others while in training.

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Elijah Hawken

"I am so glad I was referred to Transform Coaching Academy™ by a graduate! I paid off my training before I was even done with the curriculum using the 3 Month Done For You Coaching Package...Eve is fully committed to her students, and delivers above and beyond what is expected."

Elijah Hawken, Texas
Kelly Wojtaszek

“I spent months, possibly even years, looking for the perfect coaching program. I was just about to call it quits with my search, but just at that time I heard Eve being interviewed Immediately I resonated with her message and energy I just knew she was the one I was looking for...Eve is the real deal, and so are her beautiful offerings to the world.

Kelly Wojtaszek, Spain
Cindee Joslin

“My business continues to grow and so does my Coaching practice. Within a very short time, while taking the course, I was able to not only pay for my tuition, but make additional income as well. My dreams were coming true!”

Cindee Joslin, Owner, Yoga Story, Arkansas
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If you're passionate about Empowerment and Transformation, the Transform Coaching Academy™ is right for you.

Coaching is one of the top growing professions in the world and the need for certified coaches is constantly increasing. As a participant in the Transform Coaching Academy™, you will learn how to use all eleven core competencies of coaching in combination with powerful ancient healing traditions to provide your clients with profound transformation. Over the past twenty-five years I have had many exceptional opportunities to study with Masters of Eastern, Native American and other indigenous spiritual disciplines. Beginning in my early twenties, while pursuing a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Virginia, I traveled the world learning in-depth about holistic health and energy healing. For four years in my late twenties and early thirties, I had the good fortune to apprentice with a Native American Shamanic healer, becoming a master in intuitive healing, guided meditation, energy restoration, and personal transformation.

During this time I was called to take these profound healing processes to the world in a format that would fit with our modern lives and situations. I completed my doctorate and worked as an educational expert for the White House while I received more training in transformational coaching and energetic healing. I became certified in Coaching, Conscious Connected Breathing and Reiki and developed a very successful coaching program that includes the ancient wisdom I have had the honor to learn. For years my clients asked me to certify people in my unique style of coaching so I developed the Transform Coaching Academy™ Coaching Certification Program, which combines the best of the modern science of coaching with this powerful traditional wisdom from around the globe. Since this program is ACSTH accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), it will provide you with the opportunity to become ICF certified and credentialed.

This comprehensive nine module certification program will teach you all the tools and processes you need to successfully create effective, profound change in the lives of your clients as well as in your own life. It will train you in all the core competencies of coaching, excellence coach business strategies, and teach you how to use energy healing, conscious breath-work, visualization, the Law of Attraction and the other universal laws so you can create spectacular prosperity and abundance in your life and business and provide your clients with fantastic results! You’ll get a lot of experience coaching and being coached during the classes, as well as great done for you business bonuses so you will become a masterful coach and feel confident coaching others while you are still in the program.

Browse the Program Curriculum

The powerful transformational processes you will master in the Transform Coaching Academy™ are outstanding in delivering exceptional results for people. Your clients will love the changes they will experience from your coaching program so much that they will refer their family, friends and colleagues to you and you can expand your practice with referrals.

Diana Clinch

“The TCA course has given me the confidence to pursue a career and lifestyle I have always dreamed of...Using the business skills taught in TCA I have taken on one-on-one clients as well as started small fee-based community workshops, which continue to fill up with a wait list, while I’m still in the TCA program!”

Diana Clinch, Salt Lake City, Utah
Jennifer Cushman

"Through Eve’s excellent program, I have gained the skills and confidence to open my own business as a transformational life coach...The methods that Eve teaches are extremely powerful and have given me the tools to facilitate profound transformation for my clients...I am blessed to have found the work I am meant to do and it all started with enrolling TCA- I highly recommend it!”

Jennifer Cushman, New Zealand
Sarah Assamagan

"Taking Dr. Eve’s TCA training class has been amazing and deeply life-transformational! As a “mid-life” career-changer, I wanted to take the course to strengthen my personal and professional life. Eve brings a depth of compassion and cross-cultural wisdom that is quite rare and radically life-affirming."

Sarah Assamagan, New York
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How to Know

That the Transform Coaching Academy™ is Meant for You

  • You’re on a spiritual path and love empowering others (and yourself).  You’re ready to step more fully into your calling and you find yourself longing for a career with freedom, heart and abundance that aligns with your ideal lifestyle and values.  
  • You’re at a crossroads in your career or life and you’ve got a strong desire to make a meaningful contribution or you’re yearning for fulfilling work that is both spiritually and financially rewarding.  You want to do coaching that goes deep and a program that gives you the ability to coach how you want-- in your community, businesses, online, or from anywhere in the world, along with innovative energy tools to improve your life and truly help those around you transform!
  • You already work in the helping fields (such as a holistic healer, yoga teacher or practitioner, coach, intuitive, massage therapist, energy worker, nurse, doula, midwife, heart centered entrepreneur, or therapist—or you're a mom) and you’re feeling the call to serve even more deeply with excellent coaching: you’ll get everything you need to easily add ground-breaking coaching into your business, help your clients in profound ways and generate profitable new income streams.
  • You're looking for a professional program that provides you with everything you need to become a truly masterful coach and attract well paying clients quickly, such as ready Done for You coaching materials, ready to use forms & great client attraction training bonuses.
  • You want an International Coach Federation accredited program as well as a committed mentor that that gives you plenty of opportunities and resources to hone your coaching skill, so you're at ease knowing you're well trained to deliver dynamic coaching for your clients.
  • You’re interested in the Law of Attraction, feminine energy principles, helping others heal, and a coaching program that will truly allow you integrate your life experience so you can coach from a place of authenticity that honors your beautiful unique gifts.  You want a respected proven program that will give you a career that will grow with you as you grow that you can use to successfully coach one-on-one or groups in any coaching area or niche you feel drawn to.

I invite you to become a successful masterful coach with the Transform Coaching Academy™ Coaching Certification Program.

How the Transform Coaching Academy™ Works

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Comprehensive Training Program with Dr. Eve Agee for 9 Modules.
  • Modules include a combination of interactive live virtual classes, Coaching Practicum classes, plus classes that will be available for you to listen to at your own pace. You'll also be able to join a coaching Triad group, so you'll get even more practice coaching. The program is designed at an easy pace, so that you are able to enjoy the program and master the material, even if you have a busy schedule.
  • Earn ICF Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours that can be used to obtain credentialing and certification through the International Coach Federation.
  • Priceless practice to hone your coaching skills and receive feedback from Dr. Eve and program participants live during Coaching Practicum classes and your Triad Coaching Group so you feel confident and comfortable coaching clients. You will begin practicing your coaching skills right away in class and with your Triad coaching group. You’ll also work with a practice coaching partner and master the transformational processes so you give your clients stellar results and have a prosperous coaching business.
  • Fantastic Marketing and Coaching Business training so you can help more people, have a bigger impact, and make a great income with a career you love.
  • All Nine Modules and Coaching Practicum Classes will be taught by Dr. Eve Agee, founder of Transform Coaching Academy and a leader in the field of coaching. She trained in coaching, shamanism and healing from some of the top transformational experts and also taught at the University of Virginia. Eve brings her extensive breadth of knowledge of personal transformation and how to run a successful coaching business and will teach you the skills, tools and professional standards that will allow you to be a magnificent coach. In certain classes, Eve may bring in a guest expert for added value.
  • The Live Virtual classes will be delivered by a combination of video, teleseminar and webcast formats (all of which you can attend by phone, internet or webcast, from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world). You’ll receive all class recordings for your learning library so you can review and hone your coaching skills and master the transformational processes.
  • The Transform Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program is accredited by the International Coach Federation  and meets the Coach Specific Training Requirement for ICF Membership, acknowledged worldwide as the top coaching professional organization.
  • The class will be an optimal size so you can get plenty of personal attention, guidance, and interaction with Eve, which will give you the opportunity to master this material and deepen your training.
Erin Taylor

“I believe what sets this program apart from other Coaching programs is the unique transformational work that Eve brings to the course through years of her own experience and expertise in the healing and spiritual arts and through her field work as an anthropologist as well.”

Erin Taylor, New York
Leah Henderson

“TCA has equipped me very specifically to take actions, and help others using really powerful and accessible processes...Eve is a wonderful teacher – caring and empowering, also practical. The material is accessible and I feel like my consciousness has expanded more with every week, and every new class during the program.”

Leah Henderson, British Columbia, Canada
Elaine Moorhead

“I would highly recommend and trust Eve with any person considering a career in coaching. With taking her Program and the personal change in my life because of it, I feel there is nothing better or more complete in education and transformation that this.”

Elaine Moorhead, Atlanta, Georgia
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The Program Also Includes:

  • Life-changing opportunity to master coaching skills, transformational ancient energy processes, Law of Attraction, and Universal Principles from a true expert.
  • Excellent comprehensive Transform Coaching AcademyTM Coach Training Manual filled with the principles, processes, exercises, checklists, and client forms including Done For You Ready-To-Use worksheets, charts, handouts and intake forms you can utilize in your coaching practice. The manual will be shipped personally to you after you enroll so you have it to deepen your coaching skills and competencies, to follow during each training class, and use as a resource for coaching clients.
  • The ability to generate income by coaching clients while you are in the Transform Coaching AcademyTM Certification Program. After completing the first three modules, students will begin coaching people other than program participants and can choose at what level they want to set their initial fees. In past years, many participants have been able to earn more than enough income coaching clients while still in the program to pay for their tuition investment. Additionally, you may be able to deduct your tuition for this training from your taxes. 
  • In addition to the opportunity to become certified and credentialed through the International Coach Federation, after you complete the program, you can become a Transform Coaching AcademyTM  Certified Coach at no extra cost with review of two coaching sessions by Transform Coaching Academy Staff if desired.

Additionally, you’ll be supported by me and this wonderful community of committed coaches in training from around the world, in our classes, in our exclusive TCA Online Membership Site and in the Transform Coaching Academy Private Facebook Page. We’ll champion your successes, love you unconditionally and mirror your magnificence back to you so you can see the truth of who you are and why you are here!

Dr. Shona Palmer

"Both the training program and personal coaching were life-changing experiences and I’m forever grateful for Eve and the TCA. This has been the perfect path for expanding my private practice and professional goals of facilitating well-being, promoting health and building strengths.”

Dr. Shona Palmer, Holistic Psychologist
Ruth Wong

“Going through TCA was a journey of spiritual growth that allowed me to reconnect deeply with my intuition, which is such a gift when I work with my clients. TCA is not just a great program because of its content, more importantly, Eve is an amazing teacher and mentor. She truly believes in each one of us and is committed to our success.”

Ruth Wong, Singapore
Beck Forsland

“Before I enrolled in the Transform Coaching Academy™ certification program, I had a small practice and was just scraping by with group yoga classes and a few one-on-one sessions here or there. NOW I’m helping people through my coaching programs and seeing actual results...I actually paid for my TCA tuition with coaching during the TCA program.”

Beck Forsland, Yoga Instructor, Oregon
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Dr. Eve Agee, Ph.D. is a #1 International Bestselling Author, Award Winning Teacher, mother, Celebrated Coach, Anthropologist, and the Founder of the Transform Coaching AcademyTM.

Through her coaching programs and training courses, she has had the honor to help thousands of people throughout the world create abundant lives and careers they love. Winner of the International Book Awards for her Bestselling Book, The Uterine Health Companion: A Holistic Guide to Lifelong Wellness (Random House), her programs have been featured on NBC, BBC, Fox, NPR, iTV and ABC. Before becoming a leader in the field of Coaching, Eve was a political appointee for President William J. Clinton, specializing in national health and education policy.

She taught at the University of Virginia, served as a White House expert and conducted research on women’s health and healing in the U.S. and West Africa. A personal transformation expert, she has extensive training in whole foods nutrition, guided meditation, energy restoration, and intuitive medicine.

She is the co-author of #1 international bestselling and award winning book, Ready, Aim, Excel: The Expert Insights Guide to Personal and Professional Leadership.

What others have asked before joining the Transform Coaching Academy

Can I make up live classes or access recordings? +

Make up classes will be offered through out the program if you would like to make up any live classes to receive the ICF credits. All classes will be available via recording.

Do you teach the Transform Coaching Academy more than once a year? +

I teach the Transform Coaching Academy only once a year. The next program will start in early 2019.  Please sign up for the announcement list above so you receive our announcement when enrollment is open so you can consider joining the next program and step more fully into your calling.  You’ll be amazed at how being in the Transform Coaching Academy, learning this life-changing material and being supported by me and the other loving, intentional coaches-in-training in this program will help you, no matter how busy you are now and regardless of what you have going on in your life.

What is the refund policy? +

There is a 30 day money back guarantee from the commencement of the program classes, so if for any reason you feel that this is not the right program for you, I will give you your money back.

What exactly is Coaching? +

Coaching is the practice of providing support to a client to help them identify and achieve their goals. Coaching involves asking questions and helping clients see new perspectives, possibilities, and solutions that open their life to increased fulfillment and improved results. Coaches assist clients in their journey of self-discovery and provide them with tools, techniques, and processes to help them create better lives, careers, relationships, health, and future. Coaching does not involve any sort of mental health care, therapy or psychology and unlike many mental health fields, coaching has a strong focus on current life and the future.

Can I use this program to do business coaching or coach in any area I want? +

Yes, the excellent training you will receive in the Transform Coaching Academy™ will provide you with the tools to do life coaching, business coaching and coach in any area you are drawn. There are successful Transform Coaching Academy coaches coaching in yoga, energy healing, spiritual manifestation, corporate coaching and so much more!

I’m super busy, how much time will I need to devote weekly for the training program and how long will it take? +

During the nine module training you can expect to spend 2-4 hours each week total (including in class time). This 2-4 hours a week includes class time, practice coaching and business building (with some weeks off for the holidays).  This program was designed for busy people to be able to do while working a full time job.

How much can I expect to receive in coaching fees? +

In the U.S. coaches charge on average $208 per hour and Certified Coaches often make much more.  Many people in the Transform Coaching Academy™ earn more than the program tuition while still in training by using the "Done-For-You 3 Month Coaching Package" and other valuable Coaching Business Bonuses you will receive in the program. Although we cannot guarantee how much you will receive for your rates, this transformational coaching training will teach you a coaching system that typically delivers excellent results to clients. You will also learn to recognize and articulate the value that your coaching will give your clients and how to set your fees to honor the value you provide as well as marketing strategies that will help you reach your ideal clients. Since you will be able to coach clients via phone or internet, you can reach a large market that can afford to pay the fees you desire to receive. As you will learn in all the Coach Business Bonuses and the Coaching Business Module, the business model and niche market you choose will also influence your ability to make substantially higher than average fees.

Do I have to be certified to be a coach? +

Not at the moment. Currently, the field of coaching is unregulated and coaching does not require certification, licensure, or accreditation. However, Certified Coaches earn significantly more and many feel that some sort of regulation or credentialing will be mandatory in the near future.  Also, most coaches find that training in coaching through a comprehensive training and certification program, provides them with the tools, techniques, know-how and confidence to be able to better assist their clients and achieve success. Since the Transform Coaching Academy™ Coaching Certification Program is approved by the International Coach Federation, this will enable you to become credentialed and certified with the International Coach Federation through the ICF. You will also be able to become certified with the Transform Coaching Academy™ at no extra cost.

How is a typical coaching session conducted? +

Coaches typically work one-on-one with their clients, most usually over the phone or video conference (although a small percentage of coaches do prefer to meet with some of their clients in person). This industry standard gives the coach the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world and with anyone in the world where there is phone service or internet access, creating a large field of prospective clients regardless of where the coach is located. In this one-on-one setting coaches assist clients along their journey of self-discovery, by helping them connect with what is truly important to them and release inner and outward obstacles to achieving the outcomes and results they want. You can also coach groups with the same technologies.

Are there any other special qualifications or specific educational requirements needed to become a Coach? +

There are no educational requirements for coaches. You do not need a college degree or a background in personal growth or psychology or any other field. The Transform Coaching AcademyTM Coaching Certification program will provide you with comprehensive coaching training so you will be ready to launch your coaching career when you complete our program.  At the Transform Coaching AcademyTM, you will be trained in the core coaching competencies, including how to stay present and work with clients through every step of the coaching process and program. Of course, your previous work, educational and life experiences will enhance your coaching, but rest assured that this training will teach you the skills and techniques needed to be a successful coach.

Will there be any other expenses to take this Transform Coaching Academy Certification Program other than the registration fee? +

There will be no additional charges for your training from the Transform Coaching AcademyTM. Your only expense may be for internet access or the phone calls for the teleconference courses.

Can I coach people if my own life is not yet “perfect”? +

The answer to this question is a resounding “YES.” Coaches do not have to be perfect in the areas they coach. In training with the Transform Coaching AcademyTM, you will develop awareness of the principles and transformational coaching methods that will allow you to successfully coach people even in an area of your own life or business that you are still in the process of expanding and transforming.

Will I need to rent office space or open a center for my coaching practice? +

Most coaching is conducted via telephone, so you do not need to rent an office for your coaching. This is one of the aspects of coaching that creates a low overhead and can increase your take-home profits as a coach. For anyone interested in working part-time as a coach, not having the need to rent office space to meet with clients makes having a profitable part-time coaching practice more feasible and possible than many other fields where an office or store front is needed even if someone may only be working a few hours a month or week. If you choose to have an office and enjoy working from it, you will want to make it a private, welcoming space without a lot of background noise so your clients can relax, feel safe and reflect.

If I am already a therapist, healer, entrepreneur, or coach, will this training help me in any way? +

Yes! The Transform Coaching AcademyTM Certification Program will provide you with an excellent coaching program that you can use to provide additional income streams or take your coaching to a higher level. Additionally, the benefits you will experience by applying these innovative approaches to your own life during the training program will expand your personal power, prosperity, and consciousness.

I am interested in this program for my personal growth and do not want to coach people—is this program right for me? +

Absolutely. This comprehensive program is an excellent way to deepen your journey of self-discovery and experience accelerated personal growth. It is a wonderful opportunity to master these transformative processes for yourself and to share with your family or friends. I highly recommend this course for anyone who desires to further their spiritual development for personal or professional reasons.

Are there a certain characteristics I need to have to be a good coach? +

It is helpful for coaches to be people who enjoy acknowledging others’ potential, growth and success. Generally, coaches are open to others, caring, able to be non-judgmental, get pleasure from learning and expanding their awareness, and value open, honest, authentic communication and truly want to empower people.

Can I take this program if I work full time, have a family or other commitments? +

Yes, this program was specifically developed for people who are employed full-time, have families, busy lives and other commitments. The virtual classes and the manual are designed to provide each person with a strong understanding the principles and processes in an efficient manner. If you cannot always join the live classes, you will be able to watch or listen to the recordings in a manner that corresponds with your own schedule. Being able to take and complete this program from the comfort of your home or office will also help those with full schedules.

I have never taken a class by distance learning before, will it be easy to take a training course given virtually? +

Many people enjoy virtual classes (telecourses and webinars) immensely, in part because it gives you access to excellent material and learning with the convenience and time saving benefits. You do not have to leave your home or office to travel to courses or miss work or family obligations and will have the recordings if you cannot make it to the live classes. You can always review the recorded classes as many times as you want to review the information and familiarize yourself more with any aspect of the material, even if you attend all the live virtual classes. Additionally, since most coaching is done over the phone or with video conferencing, participating in a virtual coach training allows you to develop the ease, comfort and expertise needed to conduct professional coaching sessions virtually, opening you up to a wider market share than you might otherwise have.

What are webinars and teleseminars and how do they work? +

Webinars are internet based classes that allow you to log into the live class with your computer or call in with your phone. Teleseminars are phone or web based classes that use conference call technology so multiple people can come together on a conference call where the instructor can teach the class and participants can interact in the class through phone or internet. TCA uses a combination of webinar, video and teleseminar classes so you can access the program classes via your phone or with the internet.  The technology is simple and very easy to use.

What if I have more questions? +

We would love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call Eve’s office at 1-800-584-4601, schedule a discovery session here, email us here at support@transformcoachingacademy.com

Janet Chance Janet Chance, TCA Graduate, Australia

I signed up for the Transform Coaching Academy course to provide me with a framework to allow me to coach in the most effective manner and give me confidence in offering a package of sessions to clients.

TCA offered this and in a more spiritual way, showing how to help clients connect with their inner guidance.

The course has fulfilled these expectations in a very meaningful way. Eve has put together a clear programm for coaches to offer clients ways of finding their sparkling future.

Johnna Andrea Tuttle Johnna Andrea Tuttle, TCA Certified Coach, Twin Falls, Idaho

I have struggled financially most of my life, until I worked with Eve Agee. For the first time I have financial stability in my life. I enjoy more balance, peace, and abundance in all areas of my life. Before this, I had spent thousands of dollars and worked with many healers and nothing seemed to help me make the shift in the way my life changed with my sessions with Eve. My life has been transformed financially. She is a gift from God. I am forever grateful for her.