Tap into Your Potential + Open up a Downpour of Love

Tap into Your Potential + Open up a Downpour of Love

Written by Eve

November 10, 2021

Have you ever heard of the Law of Pure Potentiality?

This is one of the universal laws that I teach in the Transform Coaching Academy Certification Program.

This little known principle states that all of creation is pure potential, energy and consciousness seeking to express itself into form. This means that at our most fundamental level we are also pure consciousness, energy and potential…and the form we are expressing our energy and potential in right now, is our lives.

This is one of my favorite spiritual principles because when you connect with the truth of what it says, it’s like a vast ocean of opportunity instantly opens up in front of you. 🌊

You may be asking what does being full of potential, consciousness and energy have to do with experiencing more love in your life?

This is the key: often what holds us back from really letting in all the love we deserve, is that we are judging ourselves for our past mistakes, we believe we aren’t good enough for whatever we want, or we simply feel uncomfortable letting in all the love and goodness that could be coming our way.

Can you relate to this? I know I can. Have you ever felt lonely, disconnected, undeserving or like you don’t belong? If so, you know that it’s a really unsettling place to live from and living like that interferes with all your dreams, goals and relationships. Awareness of the Law of Pure Potentiality, helps you know that you are unconditionally deserving of more love and blessings than you can possibly imagine–we all are. 💗

This is the thing, when you start to consider that you are pure consciousness, energy and potential at your fundamental level, it becomes much easier to let go of those judgments, fears and punishment about yourself and others that formed in the past. By knowing you are pure consciousness and potential it becomes much easier to live in the present and become excited about your future.

In doing this, you can start to love yourself more and receive love from others more easily because all those judgments, resentments and other barriers to self-love just start to drop away. As we apply this principle to those in our lives, it becomes much easier to feel love and compassion for them as well.

When you use this principle in your coaching, you really help clients in big ways. As you help them unlock their full potential, they also get to experience more self-love. Their confidence soars and they’re able to make their dreams a reality.

Here are three ways to use the Law of Pure Potentiality to have more love, joy and success in your life:

#1 💗 Each day take a few moments to consider that you are pure potential, energy and consciousness and as such, you really can create what you want in your life. This is because as pure potential, energy and consciousness, you are connected to the unlimited potential of the universe and the infinite abundance, love and power that creates the universe. Accordingly, your potential and creative power are infinite and you are free to choose what you want. This is huge because when we align our consciousness with the infinite creative power of the unlimited universe, we align ourselves with source and recognize our pure potentiality and freedom. Only ego and the mind create the limits we so often feel as doubt, self-loathing, insecurity, fear, and uncertainty, all of which can make us repel love. So when you start feeling any of these kinds of emotions, go outside and be in nature and connect to its beautiful vast potential. Know that the same potential exists in you! This understanding can help you greatly expand your awareness of the love, joy, and peace possible for your life. It will help you tap into your pure potential so you can more deeply appreciate the scope of the contributions that you and we all can make to create a better world.

#2 💗 Tap into your inner baby. As babies and young children we easily receive love from those around us. When you were very young you received support and care automatically or you cried out loudly whenever you didn’t feel loved or cared for just the way you wanted. But as we got older, most of us were socialized not to let love in with the same kind of ease as a young child. As part of your spiritual practice, reclaim your inner infant. Acknowledge that you are part of the unlimited source of our vast universe and as such, the universe will help provide for you and your needs, freeing you up to experience unlimited love like babies do.

#3 💗 Realize that as pure potential, you have the choice to choose how you feel. That means you can choose now to feel more love, joy and peace in your daily life. If you ever experience challenges feeling love, take some time to explore the beliefs that might be causing this. Understanding that you are pure consciousness (and that everyone is) will empower you to know that you have the ability to become conscious of any limits that may be holding you back. Take time to become aware of any of those limiting beliefs within you like “I’m not good enough,” “I am unworthy or unlovable” or “things don’t work out for me.” Then start to contemplate how it would feel if you choose to let go of those beliefs and instead believe the truth that you are pure potential, completely lovable and worthy. Allow yourself to ponder that for a moment. How does it make you feel right now?

By understanding the Law of Pure Potentiality, we can comprehend the true power that we as humans have available to as we open up our consciousness to the truth. This realization lets us see how we can create a magnificent future for ourselves and our world if we expand our consciousness. Relating to the world, your goals and dreams from a perspective of unlimited potential will inspire you to open to more love and prosperity and help you harness the Law of Attraction to create a truly amazing life.

Post below and let us know what it’s like to relate to yourself from a place of love and unlimited potential.




  1. Bobiun Nelson

    Thanks for all your teachings,
    I can tell you that I understand all that you have been teaching me and I really appreciate especially because I pay no fees for your coaching work.
    You are a blessing to mankind.

    • Eve

      Dear Bobiun, you’re so welcome. I’m deeply grateful for your kind words and to support you on your journey. Blessings to you, Eve


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