Use this Skill for Better Coaching and Wow Your Clients

Use this coaching skill

Written by Eve

March 19, 2021

Did you know that coaching communication skills are used by governments, organizations and businesses throughout the world?

These coaching techniques are considered so valuable because they facilitate growth and insight much more profoundly than our normal conversation patterns.

Whether you’re a coach (or you want to communicate more effectively with anyone in your life or career), using these tools will help you develop trust and an atmosphere that feels safe and expands connection.

The core skills of coaching communication include active listening, powerful questioning, direct communication and coaching presence.

In today’s blog, we’ll focus on how you can cultivate the tool of active listening, which is such a valuable skill to use in all your communications.

With active listening you want to listen without judgment to discover others’ strengths, desires, vision, goals, and values.

To do this takes a shift from our normal listening patterns that are often interrupted by our thoughts…including worries, judgment or focusing on what you’re going to say next—

—all of which take us away from truly listening to others.

Active listening involves releasing these typical behaviors and concentrating fully on your clients and how they can easily create the success they want.

Listening actively will help you stay focused so you can keep track of the big picture and help your clients feel heard and become clear about their goals, direction and purpose.

Remember, like energy attracts like energy.

When you show up in a curious conscious manner in coaching sessions, focused on your clients’ full potential, this will immediately allow your clients to relax and be inspired about what they want and the actions they can take to manifest their goals.

This is one of the many gifts of coaching, it actually gives clients a space to focus on what is going right in their lives and realize the many possibilities available to them rather than focusing on what is wrong in their lives which is how people often spend their time.

Just by practicing active listening, others will feel valued and start to acknowledge the worth of their contributions.

This inspires clients to have new insights and can activate the Law of Attraction in a powerful way.

What challenges do you experience when practicing active listening? Post below and let us know!



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