How to Reduce Stress in Less Than a Minute!

Reduce Stress in less than a minute

Written by Eve

March 15, 2021

Here’s a life saving breath exercise you can do any time you are feeling anxious or stressed.

By just taking some time to focus on your breathing you can quickly get centered and present and cultivate the spaciousness to be more loving to yourself and others.

I encourage you to take a few moments right now to get in touch with your breathing. Close your eyes and notice which areas of your body you feel moving as you breathe. Are your breaths shallow or deep? Are you holding your breath between your inhalations and exhalations? Does your breathing flow freely or does it feel constricted in some way? Just observing how you normally breathe can help you open to the ways you can most effectively improve your breathing patterns.

For a quick yet powerful breathing exercise that you can utilize anywhere, use this modified version of Twenty Connected Breaths created by Conscious Connected Breathing founder Leonard Orr. The Twenty Connected Breaths exercise helps you reconnect with your body and start to release stress, tension and trauma in less than a minute.

During this exercise, breathe in and out of your nose while letting each inhale flow into the exhale. Simply take four short breaths followed by one big breath. Repeat this cycle three more times, so you have done it four times total and taken twenty breaths. Focus on freely breathing in and letting go of energy and air on your inhales and exhales. Notice how you feel as you return your breath to normal.

Conscious breathing brings harmony to your entire being–body, mind, and spirit. The immense healing power of the breath helps you revitalize on every level and really does help you begin to unwind trauma and the patterns it creates in your body, mind and spirit. Consistent breath work will actually create new powerful consciousness in all of your cells as it generates wellness inside your body. You breathe in awareness, aliveness, and abundance, and let go of fear, trauma, guilt, and confusion. In using this tool, you get to heal your body and your mind, breathing in renewed power to every area of your life.

Your breathing patterns literally reflect how much life and energy you allow yourself to take in and how easily you allow yourself to let go of anxiety, stress, worry, and other energies and emotions that do not serve you. Take four to five minutes each day this month to breathe in light, love, and joy while you consciously let go of fear, debilitating sensitivity, worry, trauma and self doubt. Imagine the qualities you want to usher in expanding in your life as you allow energies that prevent you from living authentically releasing from your body and awareness.

Please post below and let me know what you think of this breathing exercise and how you feel having done it!


  1. Tony Daniel

    It really worked for me thanks

    • Eve

      Hi Tony, so glad this worked for you, Eve

  2. Eliza

    Love this Breathwork technique! Thanks for Sharing <3 <3 <3

    • Eve

      Dear Eliza, you’re welcome! Glad you love this. xoxo


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