4 Steps to Forgiveness & Getting Unstuck

Forgiveness to Heal Your Life

Written by Eve

February 10, 2021

With the world creating so many obstacles, it can be easy to get stuck and be really hard on yourself.

Even though so much of what’s happening is out of our control, it’s common to get caught in a cycle of judgment, stress and blame.

You might even feel ready to give up on yourself or your dreams.

Sometimes, before you even get started.

So what’s the best path forward?

You can continue to be harsh and judgmental to yourself (even though research shows that criticism, judgment and deprivation rarely ever help people make the changes they want).

Or you can open to a totally new path of forgiveness, self-love and compassion.

If you’re ready for an easier way of operating and want to create more joy and abundance in your career and life, focusing on forgiveness can be the key to moving forward.

Here are 4 simple steps to get started:

1.  Make a date with yourself and get really present to your emotions—even ones you may have been avoiding for sometime. Journal, meditate or get in touch with your feelings in any way you want.

2.  Do an energy inventory of your life and work. On a piece of paper, write down: what you love, what activates your passion, what feeds you emotionally & who and what energizes you. Then on a second piece of paper list what drains you, what shuts you down, what stops you in your tracks, who exhausts you & what makes you afraid and want to hide under the covers.

3.  Choose to forgive yourself for everything on the second page. Remind yourself that you have been doing the best you could with the tools you have and bless yourself with unconditional compassion and forgiveness. Give yourself the gift of forgiving yourself completely for any “mistakes” or traumas, acknowledging that the choices you or others have made can actually be the springboard for an amazing new chapter in your life if you decide to be compassionate with yourself now. Tear the second page into little pieces and throw it away, physically releasing it and any anguish those experiences have caused you.

4.  If you have trouble really opening to forgiveness and doing step #3 then I suggest you reflect on what it would be like to fully forgive yourself (or anyone else) for anything you’ve been holding on to and let yourself move forward in your life and career in a way that truly resonates with your soul. Choose one thing you can forgive yourself for now and day by day or week by week explore what it’s like to bestow more forgiveness on yourself as you open your heart and mind.

Following these steps will empower you to create a career and life full of joy and fulfillment and experience more abundance and prosperity in your life and relationships.

Please share below how you would like to bring more forgiveness into your life and what it feels like to contemplate having more love and compassion for yourself.


  1. janet muller

    These were very helpful and thank you – I appreciate your wisdom

    • Eve

      Dear Janet, I’m so glad these were helpful! Hope you are well. Much love, Eve

  2. Mariano


    • Eve

      You’re welcome, Mariano! Have a good day, Eve

  3. Pamela ~ Ongralea

    Great Eve! True forgiveness (knowing that we are incapable of doing anything wrong) is the pathway to
    consistent miracles and Happiness!
    Love and Light Forever,
    even in the dream state,

    • Eve

      Dearest Ongralea, I LOVE your definition of true forgiveness and totally agree! Really appreciate you sharing your wisdom. Love and gratitude, Eve

  4. Olivia

    Thank you for these insights

    • Eve

      You’re so welcome, Olivia. xoxo Eve

  5. Flo

    As always, you are an Angel! ♥️

    • Eve

      Dearest Florencia, thank you!
      You are amazing.

      Sending you love xoxo


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