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Written by Eve

October 16, 2020

Do you ever find it difficult to share your true yearning or deepest challenges with those near to you?

Know what I mean? It’s like revealing your truth, perceived failures, hopes and dreams, or your real self with the people you love can sometimes feel more daunting than talking about it with a total stranger.

Vulnerability can be scary because when we disclose our authentic desires or shortcomings we feel like we’re risking rejection. The truth is, if we stay near the surface with our lives and relationships and don’t dive deep into what really matters most to us, we remain only half living, not fully alive.

In the long run, operating in this manner becomes unbearable and the coping methods that we tend to develop only add to the suffering…think compulsive eating, overworking, destroying relationships, addiction etc.

So how do we find the courage and safety to embrace our passion and true path in this journey we call life? One of the best ways is by growing our vulnerability muscles.

As scary as vulnerability can seem, it really sets the foundation for deep connection and growth. It is the way to the most fulfilling relationships and as humans we’re wired to crave support from others.

I invite you to explore how you can deepen vulnerability with yourself and with those you trust.

Become fully honest with yourself about what you are here for and what you want. One beautiful unfolding that often occurs during this process is that generally we find that most of the things that society tells us are important, have very little meaning. Once we can let go of those distractions and all the energy it takes to strive for them, we can tap into an abundance of energy that maybe you didn’t even realize you had.

We’re at an important juncture of our history here on our planet. It’s time to find a new way forward. Individually, we can help usher in this global transformation by aligning with our soul’s journey and following our calling.

For this collective shift to occur, it’s essential that we each need to be awake to our true purpose.

You are here for a reason.

If you’re not quite sure what that is or how to put it all together, get a coach. That’s one of the reasons I love transformational coaching. As coaches, we help people get on their paths and connect to their souls’ calling.

If you are a coach or you want to be one, or you are here to help in other ways–embrace your mission.

Whether you’re here to help people wake up, facilitate healing, make people laugh, care for others, introduce innovations, create beauty or serve in some other way, your presence really matters.

Whatever you are called to do in your life, together we can usher in a new reality on this precious planet we call home. Let’s become the midwives to a thriving future. It all starts with the courage to be vulnerable, to risk and to not worry quite so much what others think of us.

Please share what you are being called to do with your life and what comes up for you below. It would be great to hear from you!

You are a beautiful, sacred being. Love yourself and know you are loved.

Post below and let us know how we can support you.


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