The Truth of Who You Are

Honor the truth of who you are

Written by Eve

December 9, 2020

Once you were a seed.

You developed your nervous system, grew arms, a heart, a nose and more, all without trying.

You emerged from your mother and started to move and eat. 

You began to explore and were amazed by the miracle of life.

You danced, climbed, loved, cried and became the you that you are today.

Now you continue to grow, even if it’s not as apparent as when you were young.

You’ll always be growing…becoming new, changing and transforming.

The miracle of life exists within you.

What happens when you let go of the pressure to stay the same and open your heart to the you that you are becoming?

Today, honor the truth of who you are and the freedom that exists in your soul–celebrate, sing, love, feel.

For even though there are challenges, you are a treasure.

Acknowledge the treasure and miracle you are.

We’re so glad you’re here with us!

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Post below what you want to honor or celebrate about yourself.  

You sharing will inspire others.

Sharing your goal and action in a supportive community like this can be a great way to amplify confidence and build motivation.


  1. Aman Mandoyu

    Thank you ilove it and blessed ,God blessyou

    • Eve

      You’re so welcome, Aman. Blessings and gratitude to you!


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