Lessons Learned on Retreat

Written by Eve

October 16, 2020

Every once in a while, it’s necessary to step back from the daily grind so you can reflect on what really matters, where you’re going and how to get there with more ease.  Retreats, whether personal or with groups, can be such a powerful way to go within and explore how to make the most of your very precious life.

Earlier this month, I returned from hosting the Transform Coaching Academy Retreat, which had 25 amazing coaches & coaches-in-training gathered from around the world in a sacred circle of growth and connection. During this three-day retreat we focused on helping each participant step more fully into her purpose, mission, prosperity and confidence as a coach.  This retreat was filled with so many blessings and gifts.

I would love to share some of the take aways with you….

~Be You  The world really wants to hear from the authentic you.  Only you can share your unique gifts. If you are ready, jump in and begin. If you need more training, find a mentor who you respect and get the training you deserve so you can share your gifts fully. It’ll be more rewarding than you can imagine.

~We can’t do this alone  It may feel easier to stay home, tucked behind a computer or doing the same things day in and day out (trust me, as a life-long introvert I know how this feels) however being a beacon of light in this world whether as a coach, healer, yoga teacher or in some other way will be enhanced by gathering with like-minded supportive people who will remind you why you’re here and love you unconditionally.  Really, you may need this more than you know.

~Make Vulnerability A Strength  So many women doubt their ability to help others because they feel like they haven’t got it all perfectly together yet in their own lives. The truth is you don’t have to be perfect to support others as long as you are doing your own personal work and have proven tools to help your clients get to where they want to go.  You’ll be surprised how being vulnerable about your own journey will build connection and rapport with clients, your students and others you will serve.

~ Conscious Community Grows Your Confidence  One thing that became crystal clear at this TCA Retreat, is that when you surround yourself with a committed conscious community, your confidence grows, you feel heard and being seen in such a loving way can make you feel so much safer shining your own light. It can also help you have the courage to charge what your services are worth.  As others reflect your value back to you, you start believing in yourself too and amazing things happen!

~Inspire Yourself Daily by Being in a Natural Setting  Immersing yourself in the innate beauty of nature can really help open you up to new ways of viewing your work, your life and our world.  The TCA Retreat was held in a lovely retreat center in a beautiful botanical gardens right next to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. We were surrounded by miles of gorgeous nature, trails, and inspirational art.  In your everyday life, make some time each day to go outside even for a few minutes and observe the beauty of nature.  Gaze at the clouds, watch a sunset or sunrise, observe the beauty of a flower or connect to any awe inspiring miracles around you that you enjoy.

Give yourself the gift of a mini-retreat anytime you want, even if you just have an hour or two by simply being with yourself and honoring your sacred presence.

I would love to hear from you below about how this article inspires you!


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