How will you spend your precious time?

Written by Eve

April 1, 2020

Named by the Romans to honor Juno, the Roman queen of the gods and protectress of women, June is about unity and marks the half way point of the year. The dividing point between seasons, June hosts the solstice–the official change of season into summer or winter depending on which side of the equator you live.

June provides an excellent time to take stock of where you are in your life and where you want to go. Take a few moments to consider how you want to spend the second half of this year. It’s been a challenging year, yet change opens us up to reflect on what we truly value.

How we spend on our time is ultimately how we live our lives. It can be so easy to focus on everything that has to be done that we never get to have the experiences we desire. Days flow into weeks, weeks flow into months, months flow into years and years flow into decades. Now is the moment to decide what you really want and come up with a few baby steps to begin to create that reality.

Make June a month to celebrate you and dive deep into your heart’s desires. Journal or meditate on how you truly want to spend your precious time.

What is it you really want to do?
What matters most to you?
What experiences do you commit to having for yourself in the remainder of the year?

This is the time to get clear about what really matters and make that the main priority for you and your life. Schedule it in, ask for help, get support.

You’re worth it!

Truly, this is your precious life~fill it with moments that matter and experiences that touch your heart.

Commit to yourself at this moment and see what emerges. Post below and let us know so we can support you.

I have the good fortune to go to Rome in a couple of days and walk through the poignant reminders of history and be witness to the flow of time. Wherever you are this month, I wish you an abundance of love and light!

Please share below what matters most to you and how you want to experience more of that.


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