How to Coach Yourself in Stressful Times

Written by Eve

August 1, 2023

Do you know how to coach yourself through stressful times?

One of the main goals of coaching is to support clients in developing the skills to coach themselves when difficulties arise.

Instead of freaking out or resorting to dysfunctional patterns, by learning to coach ourselves we can start living in alignment.

As coaches, we see our clients as powerful, worthy creators.

Through coaching, we help them tap into their wisdom + see all the possibilities available.

So how can you coach yourself when challenges emerge?

You can start by asking powerful questions that create awareness + reveal possibilities.

Questions like:

What else is available?

What is the gift in this experience?

How can I honor myself in this moment?

What resources will support me in navigating this challenge?

Who will I become if I make this choice?

How will this affect my future?

Who can help me with this?

By switching from feeling something is being done for you, rather than to you…

You expand your perspective and start to see the abundance of opportunities available in your life.

By zooming out into your future, you gain understanding + move out of reactivity into evolved wisdom.

So how do you coach yourself?

Post below and let us know.

We would love to learn from you.


  1. Velvet Chiluka

    How to enter into a spiritual realm to get the vibration to detect the both good destiny and how to address negative energy ahead.

    • Eve

      Hi Velvet, this is such an important question. One way to do this is first to consider what helps you get in to a spiritual realm the easiest. Perhaps it’s prayer, being in nature, meditation, uplifting music or something else that brings you peace and joy. Then make regular time daily, or as frequently as possible, to connect spiritually from this energy of peace and cultivate your discernment. You can also start to journal or meditate on your future, focusing on the energy you want to experience. Blessings and light, Eve


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