Float Stress Away

Written by Eve

October 16, 2020

With all the challenges that have recently occurred it’s clear that everyone needs to take a deep dive into extreme self care and make relieving stress a daily priority. We’re facing more stress than we’re wired to handle so becoming mindful about how you support yourself is key not only to your personal & professional well-being but also to our collective success of forging a better future on our planet.

Neuroscience and coaching research shows that we all need to reconnect to our bodies and disconnect from stressors throughout the day. Simply taking a few deep breaths and envisioning something that relaxes you for as little as 90 seconds can rewire your hormones, lower your blood pressure and reduce your pain and anxiety.

Brain imaging actually documents that meditation makes your brain less reactive to stressors so even a few minutes of daily meditation can help you remain balanced and centered in the face of bad news.

So what are you doing to take care of yourself in these difficult times? One of the strategies I started using recently that has been a game changer for me is floating. Believe it or not, research shows that floating in water can drastically help everyone lower anxiety, relieve PTSD, and reduce emotional and physical pain. For me personally, it’s really relaxing and helps me sleep so soundly. You can float in any body of water that you have enough room to spread out in such as lakes, pools or float tubs, which are being added to day spas because of their ability to soothe so thoroughly. I often just visualize myself floating in water when I don’t have access to an actual place to float and find that even imaging floating is really profoundly restorative.

I invite you to get intentional and select three strategies you will use to reduce stress in your daily life and go ahead now and schedule them into your calendar. It could be anything you’ll enjoy and actually do—some sort of movement, laughing with friends, being in nature, floating, dancing, visualization or whatever turns you on. Let us know below what you’re committing to and what helps you the most.

Please post below about what you do to support yourself during challenging times like we’ve experienced recently. It would be really good to hear from you and you sharing will help others.

Sending you love and light.


  1. Trisha Miller

    Thank you for this idea of even just using visualization for floating is effective.
    I’m happy to hear it’s really profound and restorative. I’ll try it!! xx T

    • Eve

      Dearest Trisha, you’re so welcome. I visualize floating all the time and it is really stress reducing. Let us know what happens when you try it! xoxo