Finding Your Power Animal

Written by Eve

October 16, 2020

Your spirit, or power, animal offers deep guidance from the universe that will enhance your life and every venture you embark on. If you are a coach, healer, yoga teacher, or are running any kind of holistic business, being able to identify and receive messages from your power animal can be profoundly helpful.

Of course all animals can bring abundant gifts into our lives. In Shamanism, it’s believed that power animals are revealed to you to bring you the messages you need to move forward on your sacred path as well as to protect you. If you feel called in this life to help others, your journey will be enhanced by identifying your power animal and listening closely to the messages it is telling you. Your spirit animal can help you navigate challenges and evolve in important ways that will serve you and your highest purpose.

To connect with your spirit animal, notice any animal that keeps appearing in your life–this might be in physical form or symbolically such as in your dreams, meditation or in images you see. Get away from electronics daily and go out in nature and become aware of the animals around you. Observe the behavior of the animals you’re drawn to, repeatedly see, or dream of, and reflect on any messages they may be there to give to you.

In the past two years, I have had so many turtles appear in my life. These turtles all seem to keep their heads way out of their shells even when I’m near. They visit my home constantly, look me in the eyes, appear while I’m biking and I’ve gotten to swim with countless sea turtles who frequently swim right up to me in the ocean. From my training in shamanism, I knew that this had to be a sign that these beautiful turtles were sending me messages to guide me on my path.

Create some time in the next few weeks to get out in nature and observe the aliveness that’s around you. You may also want to meditate with the intention to get in touch with your spirit animal and receive guidance. Don’t underestimate the power of your intent. Let yourself dream, meditate, and play in nature and receive the support of the universe. It’ll make everything you do easier, more fun and bring you more abundance!

Please post below and let me know what you think your power animal is. I would love to hear from you!


  1. Debra F Kulcsar

    Wolf and Raven. Wolf came to me about 25 years ago. Symbolizing community, working together, leading and alone time. Family, friend, courageous hunter.
    Raven more recently. Craving new knowledge, curiosity and playful partner of wolf pups.

    • Eve

      That’s so cool, Deb! Your curiosity, quest for knowledge and playfulness shine through and contribute to your powerful coaching presence. xoxo


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