Coaching Presence for the Holidays

Four Touchstones of Coaching Presence

Written by Eve

December 17, 2020

Looking for a way to make the holidays joyous even in this upside down world we’re living in?

However you’ll be spending the holidays, figuring out the best way to spend the season can often be stressful.

This year being present and flexible will make everything easier.

One of the biggest blessings of being a coach is the developing a flexible and strong coaching presence, which can be used in every area of life.

This holiday season, I invite you to use these Four Touchstones of Coaching Presence to help remain more centered and present as you move into the holidays:

Don’t take on others’ energy and emotions—ever! This is so important because as sensitive heart centered people, we have a tendency to get enmeshed in others energy, yet this doesn’t serve them or us. Consciously choose to remain in your body, energy and emotions no matter how stressful things get and let others have their emotions.

Remember to Breathe! It’s essential to breathe deeply and fully into every part of your being and body. Remind yourself that you are powerful and deserve to make the right decision for you.

Remain Open, Flexible and Curious. In coaching, we call this the ability to Dance in the Moment. If you find yourself getting triggered by a family member or situation, ask yourself what other outcomes are possible that might actually be better in that moment. Be curious, like an anthropologist, and you’ll be amazed at how the energy can begin to shift for the better.

Connect to the big picture of where you are going and where you want to be and remember that you have the power to achieve your goals! Focus on a future that’s bright for you and all those in your life and our world.

I invite you to remain in this space of presence and return to it as often as you would like, using these 4 simple tools above.

By moving into presence more often, you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays and really connect to all the precious things in your days that make life so beautiful.

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Post below how you cultivate presence in your life. So excited to hear from you!


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