The One Thing that Ends Struggle


Written by Eve

April 5, 2020

I just came back from hosting the Transform Coaching Academy Live Retreat in beautiful Hudson Valley in New York State.  Getting to start off the month on spiritual retreat with this phenomenal group of coaches was definitely one of the highlights of my summer.

An important theme that came up throughout our retreat was commitment.  One thing I know for sure is that your level of commitment to anything is a big indicator of the success and ease you’ll experience in that area.  I’m always amazed at what happens when we truly commit to something, be it personal, professional or in any area of our lives.

It’s like universal support flows in and struggle starts to melt away.  When you truly commit to something with all your heart, resistance starts to release as you find new ways to move toward what you want and everything gets easier.

So here’s my question to you—what do you want to commit to for the remainder of the year and what resources can you put in place to support you in manifesting your goal?

This might be growing your business or career in a way that truly honors your gifts.  It could be creating more freedom and financial prosperity in your life, having more fun and joy in your day, or taking your health and relationships to the next level.

Whatever you want to commit to, use these Three Tips to make your journey easier:

  1. Find a way to Align Your Commitment to Your Values –This is essential! If you commit to something that doesn’t align with your values, you won’t be able to commit to it fully and you may struggle for years. You’ll experience a lot of self-doubt and questioning.  You may even feel yucky or go into hiding instead of taking action because deep inside you’ll feel like you don’t really want what you are committing to.

If this sounds like you, don’t despair or think that you have to abandon your goal. Instead, begin to view your goal from new perspectives to see how you can approach it in a way that it truly aligns with your ideals.  Sit with a friend, colleague or trusted coach to take a good look at what you want and how you can align your goals with your values and you’ll be moving into inspired action very quickly!

  1. Get the Support You Need–Staying committed to your dream becomes so much easier when we share with compassionate people who can help us along the way. Repeat after me three times: “I don’t have to do it all alone. I don’t have to do it all alone.  I don’t have to do it all alone.”  Because so many of us come from cultures that have celebrated the individual over the group, we often feel like we can’t reach out for assistance.  It can be so profound to remember that we really all do need and deserve support.  I know you give others assistance all the time.  Make this the year when you choose to receive so you build the foundation that will allow you to manifest your dream with ease.
  1. Commit in the Spirit of Forgiveness & Freedom—Some people feel afraid to commit because they are either afraid that they will be disappointed or they feel they will become trapped by their commitment. Either way they remain uncommitted to what they really want and often experience a great deal of struggle. If either of these speaks to you, take time to forgive yourself and heal the patterns that are creating your resistance.  Remember that like anything, committing to your goals is simply a choice you are making and you are always free to choose something else.

Ultimately when you commit, you are making a commitment to your own happiness and fulfillment, which is always worth committing too!

If you are ready to make this the year when you fully commit to yourself and would like some support, in the next month I am opening up my schedule to four women who I will support for a full year in my exclusive one on one coaching and mentoring program.  If you are ready to truly manifest your dreams, and experience the success, abundance and love you’ve been longing for, email and let me know.


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