Manifesting Your Goal This Month

Written by Eve

November 14, 2023

Life can get so busy that sometimes it’s easy to put your dreams to the side.

The remedy of that is to take stock of your goals each month…

You’ll gain clarity + direction so you focus on what matters most to you.

Take a moment to reflect on what you really want to actualize this month.

Getting clear about your goals is the first step of making your dreams a reality.


Coaching Tip➞

Focus on goals that are truly meaningful to you + align with your values.

Choose a goal that feels inspiring so you’ll have momentum.

Setting this intention now will help you create magic in the month ahead.

Once you define what you want, focus on it with peace + gratitude.

By doing that, you immediately start to magnetize that experience into your life.


So what do YOU want to manifest this month?

Write your goal on your calendar + share with a supportive friend.

Make time in your schedule to take inspired action toward your dream.

Make the next 4 weeks matter.

Witness the difference that focusing on what matters will make for you!


  1. Monet Foxx

    Eve, thank you for your insights and this informative, helpful, & gracious ‘share’. I am extremely grateful to you for your consistent kindness and magnificent teaching style.

    • Eve

      Monet, you’re so welcome. I’m touched by your kind words and very grateful to you too!

  2. Daniel Sieff

    In truth, I kind of feel like I should be doing more. However, I am willing to let that go. There is definitely a desire for traction so I am looking forward to the eclipse. Having been advised that a return to the UK is not worth taking- I am seeing what I can do from where I am.

    Definitely looking forward!!

    • Eve

      Daniel, so glad you’re looking forward to the eclipse. Envisioning it bringing you lots of momentum and traction!

  3. Roy Benford

    Think you, Eve, for your inspiring content. Your messages align with my coaching philosophy

    of using the power of the mind and goal setting to maximize potential. I’m currently writing the last

    two chapters of my first book. What I want to manifest by May 7, 2024 is a completed manuscript.

    I intend to have the completed manuscript reviewed by my coach and delivered to the publisher by

    July 6, 2024. I’m Grateful for the insight I gain from following Transform Coaching Acacemy.

    • Eve

      Thanks Roy, really appreciate this. Congratulations on your book!!! That’s fantastic. Envisioning you completing your last two chapters with ease, completing your manuscript by May 7 and delivering it to your publisher by July 6. So excited tor you and all the success your book will have and the profound ways it will empower others! Celebrating you!!

  4. Eliza Rosenqvist

    This is what I want to Manifest the next 4 weeks:

    I am Magnetizing 100 Amazing people, or more, to my Masterclass QUANTUM Expansion!!! 24 of April – it is a Transformational Experience for everyone involved – Expanding Awareness and sparks Inspiration for Growth for the Beautiful Souls that Attend.

    10 Amazing people, or more, is enrolling in my Group Program quantum EXPERIENCE starting 1 of May – it is a Catalyst for Positive Change and Expansion – supporting Artists, Healers and Spiritual People who wants to do the work they Love, Contribute to a Better World and Generate Abundant Wealth

    Thank you Eve Agee for this Inspirational Post and for TCA!!!

    • Eliza Rosenqvist

      I also want to Manifest 2 more Private Coaching Clients enrolling this or next week – YES!!!

    • Eve

      Eliza, your QUANTUM Expansion Masterclass sounds truly transformative!! Thank you for creating this. Envisioning there being 100 or more amazing people at the Masterclass and everyone experiencing expansive awareness and growth on April 24. May it be so!

      • Eliza

        Thank You Eve! My Gratitude for your Support can not be expressed enough through words!!! So happy that I have invested in TCA – You are an Amazing Guide and Mentor!!! I Love your work and your Presence – it is so uplifting and empowering!!

        • Eve

          Dear Eliza, you are welcome! It’s a pleasure to have you in the Transform Coaching Academy. All the success you are having with your new client is really inspiring. Envisioning you manifesting 2 more private coaching clients enrolling this week or next! Woo hoo!!!


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