Awakened Gifts Masterclass Series
4-Part Masterclass Series

How to get the most out of the Awakened Gifts Accelerator

Step 1 – Watch all 4 of the video classes.

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Step 2 – Download the PDF Handout for each video.

This will save you time taking notes about the practices discussed in the videos.

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  1. Aspasia Holley

    Video 1 was very profound. I spent a good portion of my life trying to get away from violence. Ironically I believe my gift is to support people in becoming whole after violence. It sounds like a heavy and daunting task. The words are not beautiful with glitter and rainbows. Not at all what I want to say that I do when people ask. Yet, I know this is what it is. As exhausting as it sounds to think of as a life’s work. I truly know that people really need this guidance and support. And I’m damn good at understanding every aspect inside and out. Thank you beautiful soul. It really was right in front of me the whole time.

    • Eve

      Aspasia, how profound that you will use your gifts to help people heal from violence. I want to acknowledge what you’ve gone through and all your commitment and courage. I know that you will empower so many people. How can you do this in a way that nourishes you as well? Much love, Eve

      • Aspasia Holley

        The first thing that came up for me was balancing my compassion. I need to practice being moved by someone without taking their suffering as my own. Staying centered, balanced and not becoming fatigued or drained. Too often I become enmeshed. So energetic boundaries, self-care, extra time alone to replenish and process, understanding when to disengage and adding fun and laughter to my schedule. This course was beyond! You took a lifetime of wisdom and expertise and made it bite sized and enjoyable. So inspiring and well done! Thank you so much! This experience was so beautiful. Sending so much love and gratitude!

        • Paula

          Looks great

          • Eve

            Paula, hope you enjoy it! Let us know what emerges for you. Much love, Eve

        • Eve

          Aspasia, this sounds like powerful ways to stay centered and create healthy boundaries that honor and nourish you! I love that you are focusing on balance and adding fun and laughter into your schedule. Really happy that this masterclass series helped you in so many ways! Congratulations!! Much love, Eve

    • Libby Melsness

      I’m a healing empath who is just now learning to stand in my own frame. Repressed emotions since childhood are manifesting physically. Need help

      • Eve

        Dearest Libby, you are in my thoughts. Acknowledging all you are going through and your dedication to stand in your power and heal. It’s so difficult when repressed emotions manifest in these ways. Celebrating your courage and commitment. What is one way you can give yourself some spaciousness to feel your emotions and let go of any that no longer honor you and who you’ve become? Sending you love and peace, Eve

  2. Bridget Ferrell Golding

    In the visualization I saw my self speaking to a group of women in a program or shelter. Empowering women to love themselves and find there own independence

    • Eve

      Bridget, this gives me chills. How wonderful that you will use your gifts to empower women to love themselves and find their path forward. Much love, Eve


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