This In-Depth Audio Training and Guide will Help You Truly Harness the Law of Attraction.
It will Empower You to…

Magnetize love, health and wealth

Awaken true abundance

Manifest your heart’s desire

In this training, you will…

Find out the top 3 secrets to successfully use the Law of Attraction to create more wealth, health, love and happiness.


Discover the biggest mistakes people make with the Law of Attraction and how you can avoid them.


Experience a wonderful exercise to help you be more magnetic.

A leader in the Law of Attraction and the Field of Coaching, Dr. Eve Agee empowers others from a place of deep authenticity and integrity.

A highly respected mentor and teacher, Eve is the Founder of the Transform Coaching Academy, rated as one of the top coaching certification programs in the world.

For the last decade, Eve has trained hundreds of successful coaches from around the world to use the Law of Attraction and other Spiritual Principles to help their clients deeply. An anthropologist with extensive expertise in shamanism and holistic healing, her coach certification program is accredited by the International Coach Federation.

A best-selling author, Eve has also worked at the White House and taught at the University of Virginia and brings a holistic, spiritual approach to coach training that honors each person.

For over twenty years, Eve has helped thousands of people transform their lives for the better and get exceptional results using the Law of Attraction and other spiritual principles. Her programs have been featured on NBC, ABC, BBC, iTV and NPR. She is committed to training people to be confident, talented coaches so they can embody their purpose with abundance and joy.

Eve believes skilled coaches will play an integral part of creating an abundant, sustainable future for all. It’s her mission to help those who feel called to become successful certified coaches thrive financially while empowering others. To find out more visit:

Meet Eve

Love from Students and Clients


“I struggled financially most of my life, until I worked with Eve Agee. For the first time I have financial stability in my life. I enjoy more balance, peace and abundance in all areas of my life. Before this, I had spent thousands of dollars and worked with many healers and nothing seemed to help me make the shift in the way my life changed with my sessions with Eve. My life has been transformed financially. She is a gift from God. I am forever grateful for her.”

~ Johnna Andrea Tuttle, Idaho, USA

“What an amazing teacher and mentor we have in Dr. Eve Agee! I have listened and studied the Laws of Success and Prosperity for years and still struggled with WHAT makes them work! I had all of the “head” knowledge but seemed to be “missing” the “secret” piece that created manifestation! I am excited and thrilled to report that after learning the module on magnetizing money, I MAGNETIZED $1,000 IN A TWO WEEK PERIOD! The information coupled with the visualization put the puzzle together for me! Dr. Eve Agee has changed the direction of my path forever! If you have been a student of the Laws of prosperity and seem to just be missing SOMETHING…connect with Dr. Eve! She is brilliant, easy to understand and has a teaching style that places each of the components together in a POWERFUL presentation! My life has been transformed financially.”

~ Aimee Christly, Oklahoma, USA

“I am so blessed to have discovered Eve and the Transform Coaching Academy. I was so impressed with the course material and how hands on she was. I have healed so much spiritually and learned a lot about myself. I know from this amazing experience, I am now equipped with the tools and compassion to help guide clients as they transform their own lives. I’m getting well paying clients and I love being a coach! For this I am eternally thankful.”

~ Lahna Wood, Aruba