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Tanya G Rendall

I have never been so excited about my life and my career as I am now!!
The Transform Coaching AcademyTM Coaching Certification Program has given me the confidence to do what I am so passionate about, helping others to grow and heal mind body and spirit.
Thank you Dr. Eve Agee for creating a safe inviting space to learn and expand my knowledge. The course was everything I hoped and more. There was nothing left out in this course, from already done for you client forms, how to sell, marketing and so much more that I am beyond grateful for!
I feel totally prepared to begin my practice and feel confident, that what I learned will change many lives.

Tanya G Rendall, Ontario, Canada
Beck Forsland

Before I enrolled in the Transform Coaching Academy™ certification program, I had a small practice and was just scraping by with group yoga classes and a few one-on-one sessions here or there. I didn’t know how to offer more. NOW I’m helping people through my coaching programs and seeing actual results. I’ve seen “the light” of being able to earn a sustainable living while doing what I love and I’ve got such huge potential! And I’m able to work less so that I can be more concentrated in offering wellness care to individuals. I actually paid for my TCA tuition with coaching during the TCA program. Whether you join for personal life enhancement and growth or to actually begin or continue a coaching career, the support TCA offers is incredible. It’s very worth it!

Beck Forsland Yoga Studio Owner and TCA Certified Coach and Program Graduate, Michigan http://www.beckforsland.com/
Jennifer Cushman

Enrolling in Transform Coaching Academy™ has brought new joy into my life. Through Eve’s excellent program, I have gained the skills and confidence to open my own business as a transformational life coach. I have found the work that I truly love to do and I wake up each day excited about my life! The methods that Eve teaches are extremely powerful and have given me the tools to facilitate profound transformation for my clients. Eve is a skilled, compassionate and wise teacher and I found myself looking forward to each class as a highlight of my week. I also met a wonderful community of women in the program and am happy to say that many are now my close friends and also colleagues with whom I can share this amazing path. I am blessed to have found the work I am meant to do and it all started with enrolling TCA- I highly recommend it!

Jennifer Cushman TCA Program Graduate, New Zealand
Megan McGeary

"The training with Eve and beautiful community of like minded souls in TCA was a huge gift-- it helped me have a deeper understanding of how change begins not with dealing with circumstances, but by tapping into the mindset.  It is a training for understanding how powerful we truly are, and Eve gives us the tools for helping those we coach see their own potential, as well.

I felt very much supported and challenged to dive deep through the entire training and I highly recommend Transform Coaching Academy.  I am now taking the steps to add coaching to the tools I can offer  to my clients in my stress management business."

Megan McGeary

Play this video to hear why Holly Holiman, Health Care Executive, became inspired to enroll in the Transform Coaching AcademyTM Coaching Certification Program

Michon Lartigue Michon Lartigue, TCA Graduate, Washington, DC

I discovered the Transform Coaching AcademyTM at a time when my life was filled with challenges and a necessity to change. From the very first module I recognized it would be a powerful tool in my own life. The fact that it has given me a framework, and trained me to also help others as a coach is truly a miracle. I’m grateful for the TCA staff, my fellow coaching partners, and to Eve for creating a program that I know is helping so many men and women and changing many lives.

Donna Wood Donna Wood, TCA Graduate, Ontario, Canada, soulpurposecoaching.ca

I decided to take the TCA program after evaluating a few other coaching programs. What I liked best about Eve’s program was how it integrated holistic teaching alongside practical information. This really spoke to me; and I knew my future clients would benefit from the processes taught within the course. I know Coaching is my calling and taking the TCA program really laid the groundwork for my practice. Thanks Eve!

Cristina de la Fuente

Participating in the TCA has been quite transformational for me. Having the opportunity to try all coaching techniques on myself has made me develop tremendously as a coach, know myself better as a person, access my inner unique skills, and especially understand how I can make a difference for others and create the value I have always desired. Eve is incredibly generous in her teachings and provides extra time and attention to each of us in a very loving way.

Cristina de la Fuente Tranform Coaching Academy Coach, Brazil & Denmark

Watch Steve Hennigan, M.D. share how coaching with Eve has inspired him to take the Transform Coaching AcademyTM Coaching Certification Program.

Valeriana Pasqua-Masback Valeriana Pasqua-Masback, TCA Program Graduate, New York, NY

I am so grateful that you are in my life! The Transform Coaching Academy Certification Program is really very special. You have done an amazing job with the teleclasses, the practice sessions, the book…It’s amazing, 100% more than I ever expected!!! I am also thrilled to be part of this wonderful group of coaches, and part of an even bigger impulse to move humanity forward, Aren’t we fortunate!!! Namaste, Valeriana

Patti Patti, TCA Graduate, New Jersey

I can’t THANK YOU enough for our coaching call yesterday. I am so grateful to land in TCA at this point in my life. What I’ve learned and the community you have attracted have been such a healing force. I really feel my spirit is rising! Thank you! With Love and Gratitude.

Cindee Joslin - owner

When I heard that Eve was developing the Transform Coaching AcademyTM program, I was thrilled. All of my heart and inner guidance resounded with a big, “Yes!” It was, however, an act of faith to move forward. As I did, wonderful things began to open up for me. Personally, I was experiencing breakthroughs from old beliefs that were holding me back from moving forward in several areas of my life. Just being involved in the classes and doing the work brought more good energy and awareness in those areas of struggle. This new found freedom moved not only into my personal life and relationships, but also my business as a yoga teacher/studio owner. My business continues to grow and so does my Coaching practice. Within a very short time, while taking the course, I was able to not only pay for my tuition, but make additional income as well. My dreams were coming true!

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to truly become free from whatever is hindering growth in any area of life. It will give you the tools you need to find your passion and live fully into it, being nourished and supplied as you go!

Cindee Joslin - owner Yoga Story & TCA Certified Coach and Program Graduate

Virginia Barkley

As a professional organizer, my business is a very emotional one for many clients. I decided to invest in the TCA program to strengthen my understanding and support for my clients. What I discovered was that in the midst of this profound education, my life and beliefs were being transformed enabling me to become more aware of beliefs that were limiting my personal growth. The curriculum, experiential exercises, student community, coaching partnerships and mastermind group were each valuable in deepening understanding of the coursework. I’m ready to take it all over again!

Virginia Barkley TCA Graduate, Best-Selling Author of Clutter Busting for Busy Women, New Orleans, LA, Virginiabarkley.com

Mark Duncan

My time in the Transform Coaching AcademyTM Coaching Certification Program has been rewarding and, yes, transformational. I value my experience with the material, Eve’s knowledge and expertise, and the personal relationships I have built with other coaches in the program.

Mark Duncan, TCA Certified Coach and Program Graduate
Kelly Wojtaszek

I spent months, possibly even years, looking for the perfect coaching program. I did not have any luck. None of them really resonated with me and I felt like I was just signing up for the sake of earning a certificate, nothing else. I wanted to feel excited and alive when making this big decision. I was just about to call it quits with my search, but just at that time I heard Eve being interviewed. Immediately I resonated with her message and energy, so as soon as she mentioned that she offered a coaching certification program I just knew it was the one I was looking for. I signed up immediately and have loved the journey that she takes us on. I have grown so much and I have much more confidence than I ever had. I knew I would never quite step into the coach I knew I could be without examining what was holding me back and keeping me stuck. With Eve’s program you go through your own transformation, so that we may be able to support our own clients even more so, and help them with their own blocks and frustrations. Eve is so kind, genuine, and knowledgeable. She truly cares about her students and believes in each one of us. Without her support and her incredible program, I would lack the knowledge, resources, and especially the confidence that I so needed. Eve is the real deal, and so are her beautiful offerings to the world.

Kelly Wojtaszek Current TCA Coach in Training
Ruth Wong, Singapore

I came to Eve and the Transform Coaching Academy at a point in my life where I was disheartened about the coaching industry. I was literally giving myself one last chance with coaching, and I’m so glad I did! I found Eve through the recommendation of a friend (who is also a graduate of TCA).
he TCA program not only gave me the coaching skills I was looking for, it transformed my life. Going through TCA was a journey of spiritual growth that allowed me to reconnect deeply with my intuition, which is such a gift when I work with my clients.

TCA is not just a great program because of its content, more importantly, Eve is an amazing teacher and mentor. She truly believes in each one of us and is committed to our success. There is so much light and love in her!  Thank you Eve, my life is forever changed because of your love and dedication. I’m forever grateful to you!

Ruth Wong, Singapore Transform Coaching Academy Coach
Adele Novak

I am so glad that I took the Transform Coaching AcademyTM certification program! It has really changed my life in so many wonderful ways. This training program is a significant turning point in my life. It has really propelled me into a new chapter of my life and career. Before the program, I knew that I wanted to help people and inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams, but I didn’t know how to do that. Now with the TCA training, I feel so empowered and capable and excited to achieve my dream of helping others achieve their dreams! I have the skills to coach people and loads of tools and techniques to help others manifest all their hearts’ desires. All my clients have had such incredible results in their lives, and this has brought me so much joy!

I love how as I’ve learned to help others transform their lives, I’ve transformed mine! This is the beauty of TCA. By implementing all that I was learning throughout the program, I’ve overcame many things that have challenged me nearly my whole life. I learned how to transform this energy and live a life of freedom where I am open to receiving all my heart desires. I have also strengthened my intuitive abilities, I’ve learned techniques that I can use now for my whole life, and I am attracting such wonderful people into my life.  TCA has truly enriched my life and I am so grateful to Eve! She is a wonderful teacher and mentor. Every week, I looked forward to her classes and being in her energy. Thank you so much, Eve, for sharing your gifts.

Adele Novak TCA Certified Coach & Program Graduate, Canada

Karen Miraldi Karen Miraldi, TCA Certified Coach & Program Graduate

My experience taking Eve’s coaching certification course was richer than I ever imagined. Her 8-month program goes above and beyond the promise of most coaching programs. Eve pours her heart and soul into all aspects of the training and throughout, I felt a profound transformation unfolding. Eve is passionate about filling our toolbox with techniques we can use, getting us actively coaching early in the program and guiding us along the way. Her techniques helped me tap into deep layers of inner wisdom and surprising potential. I still continue to be amazed at how profound this work is and how fast shifts can be made.

I didn’t expect to have such richness in a tele seminar format, but the training course was much better than an in-person course would even be. With the classes, mastermind groups, and coaching partners, I got to know almost everyone in the course and I gained a whole network of coaches across the US and Canada. Thanks, Eve!

Sarah Assamagan Sarah Assamagan, TCA Program Graduate, New York

Taking Dr. Eve’s TCA training class has been amazing and deeply life-transformational, on many, many levels! As a struggling “mid-life” career-changer, I wanted to take the course to strengthen both my personal and professional life. About a third of the way into it, I remember thinking: “I’m so glad I took this course because it brought me so fully back home to me.” Eve and the course powerfully affirmed a lifetime of personal cross-cultural wisdom traditions and healing modalities, validated past struggles, while also opening a doorway into a new and greatly expanded possibility.

As a “first-world” healer of Color, in the past I have often found my own healing and empowerment processes limited, or even painfully derailed, by many (well-intended) teachers and healers who had never grieved and healed (or even significantly dealt with) their own racial legacies…In contrast, Eve has designed a course which also allows us all to include (and transform) our experiences of oppression, privilege and all the legacies of inequity. Eve brings a depth of warmth, compassion, emotional sobriety, and globally and cross-culturally informed wisdom, that is, in my experience, quite, quite rare, and radically life-affirming.

Aimee Christly Aimee Christly, Sr. Sales Director and TCA Certified Coach and Program Graduate

What an amazing teacher and mentor we have in Dr. Eve Agee! I have listened and studied the Laws of Success and Prosperity for years and still struggled with WHAT makes them work! I had all of the “head” knowledge but seemed to be “missing” the “secret” piece that created manifestation! I am excited and thrilled to report that after learning the module on magnetizing money, I MAGNETIZED $1,000 IN A TWO WEEK PERIOD! The information coupled with the visualization put the puzzle together for me! Dr. Eve Agee has changed the direction of my path forever! If you have been a student of the Laws of prosperity and seem to just be missing SOMETHING…..connect with Dr. Eve! She is brilliant, easy to understand, and has a teaching style that places each of the components together in a POWERFUL presentation!

Diana Clinch Diana Clinch, TCA Program Graduate, Salt Lake City, UT

I decided to sign up for the TCA program to better my personal skills of listening, developing confidence and cultivating self-compassion. As I learn and practice these new skills I am finding my authentic place, increasing my courage to show up for others, and attracting infinite possibilities. The TCA course has given me the confidence to pursue a career and lifestyle I have always dreamed of. Not only did TCA deliver, I’m magnetizing people that want what I have. Using the business skills taught in TCA I have taken on one-on-one clients as well as started small fee-based community workshops, which continue to fill up with a wait list, while I’m still in the TCA program! With TCA’s small class size I have been blessed to meet amazing women, some of whom are becoming my closest friends and I feel like we are on this wonderful journey together. Simply amazing.

Maria Tripodi Maria Tripodi, TCA Program Graduate, Washington D.C.

The course through Transform Coaching AcademyTM was clear and full of valuable information. At first I thought that doing a class on the phone would make it less intimate but Eve gave us many options to connect with and work with other people in class. For example, she set us up with a practice partner, a Master Mind group, was available to us outside of class time, and set up a FaceBook page where the participants could interact with each other.

One of the things I appreciated about the course was that Eve dedicated so much focus on how to set up your business. I found this very valuable because so many people are hesitant to think about making money when it comes to this kind of work. The reality is that we all need to make a living, so it was nice to feel supported and guided when it came to this part of the processes.

Eve was very generous with the amount of information that she gave us during the course, but she also allowed us to use the worksheets from the course in order to help us start our business. This will not only save us an incredible amount of time but it keeps us from having to reinvent the wheel. Thanks Eve!

Lori Fitzgerald Lori Fitzgerald, TCA Certified Coach and Program Graduate, Austin, TX

My goal over the last 12 months has been to develop spirituality in my life. So after meeting Eve at a book signing of her book, I realized she could help me with my goal.  I had a life changing ‘AHA!’ moment every time I met with her. When Eve offered a Coaching Certification Course this last fall, I enrolled. It was a transformational experience. I was able to work on myself and learn and use the techniques Eve taught us to practice on and with my classmates. This practice was instrumental in developing the confidence I needed to coach paying clients. It worked!

I began coaching for pay within two months of the course ending.  As a side note, many of my classmates were coaching for pay during the course and were able to cover the cost of the course. I sincerely recommend taking any of Eve’s courses whether you’re wanting to learn to coach and/or just wanting a supportive forum to expand your well being. Here’s what I’ve noticed about me and my life since connecting with Eve less than a year ago–my outlook is improved, my energy level and confidence are up, my meditations have deepened and expanded, my ability to be present in my life has vastly improved, my awareness and consciousness are raised and my purpose in life has crystallized.  If you are ready, Eve is here!

Hannah Pasquinzo

Since my coaching with Eve Agee, the positive changes I have experienced are holistic, spanning my mind, body and spirit. The changes have been fast – much faster than I could have managed on my own. My small business has doubled its client base in just two years (my income has doubled, as well)! My eating habits are the best they’ve ever been; I am learning to listen to my body and give it what it needs.

My relationships are more fulfilling, and I’ve never felt so connected to the Divine. I am truly thankful to Eve for her support and the knowledge she has so graciously passed on to me. In fact, I have decided to take this skill set to a new level with Eve’s coach certification course. I’m excited to explore even more as I learn how to pass this knowledge on to others. Thanks, Eve!

Hannah Pasquinzo President, The Art of Motion & TCA Graduate

Dr. Shona Palmer

For years I have been exploring new opportunities for personal growth and for expanding my practice as a psychologist. I began hearing more and more about this emerging field of coaching which seemed to fit perfectly with my holistic approach as a therapist and with my own personal worldview. When I learned about Dr. Eve Agee and the Transform Coaching AcademyTM, I was inspired to sign up for the training program, believing it would be the catalyst to help bring new life into my career and professional practice. What I wasn’t expecting was the remarkable transformation and shift that occurred within me. I began individual coaching with Eve Agee and there was no turning back. Both the training program and personal coaching were life-changing experiences and I’m forever grateful for Eve and the TCA. I am passionate about sharing the knowledge base and transforming processes that I’ve learned so that others can also experience greater fulfillment, freedom and abundance in their lives. This has been the perfect path for expanding my private practice and professional goals of facilitating well-being, promoting health and building strengths.

Dr. Shona Palmer Holistic Psychologist & TCA Certified Coach and Program Graduate

I really like the way you structure the course. Each class is really easy to follow along whether I’m on the tele seminar live or listening to it by recording. The organization of the tele seminars matching up so well with the class materials help me get so much out of each class!

Mel, San Francisco, TCA Program Graduate
Elaine Moorhead  -

I had no idea Dr. Eve Agee’s Transform Coaching Academy Program would have changed my life so breathtakingly beautifully! I knew I wanted to be a life coach, but which program was the right one? I listened to Eve talk about her program and thought it was a good fit for me. In the beginning, I was wondering if I would really be able to coach by the middle of the Program as Eve had said? Well, we were not even to the middle of the Program when EVERYTHING in my life began to change. I had more confidence in things, my self esteem was beginning to soar, my relationship with my husband became more loving, kind, patient and understanding. My relationships with others began to take on a richer aspect, and I had coaching clients just as Eve had predicted. My life looked like I had always dreamed it could be, or should be. I am happier than ever in my life and I owe it to Eve and the Transform Coaching Academy. I would highly recommend and trust Eve with any person considering a career in coaching. With taking her Program and the personal change in my life because of it, I feel there is nothing better or more complete in education and transformation that this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Eve, for your sincere love and compassion in all you have touched. We are all richer for you being in our lives.

Elaine Moorhead - TCA Coach in Training, Atlanta, Georgia

Leah Henderson

Before enrolling in the Transform Coaching AcademyTM I had a strong desire to help people, but didn’t feel I had the tools and skill set to really translate this passion into action. I came across an interview that Eve gave and felt a huge intuitive pull to enroll in TCA. At first I wasn’t sure that I would be able to afford the program (old mindset), but the desire was so strong, I just said – I am going to make it work! And I did, and it has been one of the best decisions of my life! I have always been a spiritual seeker with a deep desire to inspire and help others, but I didn’t know where to start, what actions to take. TCA has equipped me very specifically to take actions, and help others using really powerful and accessible processes.

Not only do I feel equipped and empowered to help others, TCA has transformed my personal life as well! I have experienced positive shifts in every area of my life since beginning the program – relationships, financial, health, creativity and scope of possibility. I have also put in motion a long time dream to start writing a book, as well as becoming a life coach. Life is an ever evolving spiritual journey, and I believe that TCA has provided me with time honored tools that I can use in my life and the lives of others for the rest of my life to continue growing and being a part of expanding consciousness in our world.

I highly recommend this program! If you feel drawn to it, find a way to make it work – Shakti Gawain says ‘The Universe rewards us for taking risks’ – not that taking the program is a risk – but if it in any way feels outside of your comfort zone, and you still feel a strong draw to do it – it’s like a soul, creative life risk (in the best possible sense) – and these are the actions that bring the most beautiful ‘be-comings’ in our lives!

Eve is a wonderful teacher – caring and empowering, also practical. The material is accessible and I feel like my consciousness has expanded more with every week, and every new class during the program.

Leah Henderson British Columbia, Canada, TCA Program Graduate

Erin Taylor

I came into the Transform Coaching Academy™ program hoping to find a solution to my blocked creativity so that I could once again live a life of passion and purpose after living in fear for many years. I was hoping this program would help me understand and face these blocks so that I in turn could help others not live in the same pain I had suffered. Eve’s course has not only helped me understand and face these creative blocks reaching freedom and success in this area of my life, but incredibly, the course has proved to be much deeper and much richer than I had imagined.

Eve’s course has brought balance into all areas of my life. I have improved and more authentic relationships with my family, friends and community. I have been able to reach a deep respect and acceptance of my body, my wisdom and my intuition as a woman reaching middle age. Resulting in expanded self-care and wellness in my physical and emotional body. I have a deeper and more enlightened relationship with my spirit and have found grace and peace and calm through the various meditation and visualization practices abundant in this work. I no longer fear my future and am confident in the abundance and wealth I am beginning to create as a result of this course.

Last year at this time I was working a 9-5 job that was not meaningful – hiding my true gifts and spirit inside a cubicle – boxed in, restless, unhappy and burdened with the fear of moving forward. Today I stand a transformed woman who is aligned not only with my creative passions and gifts but with my soul’s purpose – providing healing, hope and understanding to other creative souls who are living in fear or hiding. I am able to magnetize potential clients toward me with ease through the honesty of my unique story and experience and the change that I have already cultivated in my own life. I have been booked for a workshop just speaking with someone in the creative arts about this profound transformational work I have been trained to provide.

I believe what sets this program apart from other Coaching programs is the unique transformational work that Eve brings to the course through years of her own experience and expertise in the healing and spiritual arts and through her field work as an anthropologist as well. I am so eternally grateful to Eve for sharing her gifts and knowledge with me through this course. I am now able to tap into my own power as a healer and change maker in a universe that is shifting towards love and light. I am honored to now be a part of this shift.

Erin Taylor TCA Program Graduate, New York

It’s not Eve’s life experience, professionalism or demeanor that will put your heart at ease – it’s her lively and authentic spirit. She truly cares about her work and her clients and I trust her implicitly, She is a true teacher!

~ Mel DuPuy, Breathing-Life Coach Women's Yoga Intensives

Johnna Andrea Tuttle Johnna Andrea Tuttle, TCA Graduate and Certified Coach, Twin Falls, Idaho

I have struggled financially most of my life, until I worked with Eve Agee. For the first time I have financial stability in my life. I enjoy more balance, peace, and abundance in all areas of my life. Before this, I had spent thousands of dollars and worked with many healers and nothing seemed to help me make the shift in the way my life changed with my sessions with Eve. My life has been transformed financially. She is a gift from God. I am forever grateful for her.

Janet C. Janet C., TCA Program Graduate, Australia

I signed up for the Transform Coaching Academy course to provide me with a framework to allow me to coach in the most effective manner and give me confidence in offering a package of sessions to clients.

TCA offered this and in a more spiritual way, showing how to help clients connect with their inner guidance.

The course has fulfilled these expectations in a very meaningful way. Eve has put together a clear programm for coaches to offer clients ways of finding their sparkling future.

Myriam Webb Myriam Webb, TCA Program Graduate, Canada

I’d like to thank you for caring and putting so much effort and quality into this program. I’m really happy with my decision to study with you. I feel confident with the skills and knowledge that the program has provided us.

This year has brought much growth for me. I have made great strides, both personally and professionally. Thank you, Eve. What you bring to the world makes a big difference and will have ripple effects for many years to come

Kathleen Kastner Kathleen Kastner, Current TCA Coach in Training, Encinitas, CA

Eve pours her heart and soul into her Transformational Coaching Academy! She makes you feel completely loved and supported throughout the training. She wants you to succeed on every level as a coach.

I loved the TCA Manual she created and her weekly calls, meditations and powerful coaching processes.

I highly recommend TCA to anyone who is wanting profound transformation in their lives and the lives of their clients.

“After I completed the Transformation Academy Program, my coaching practice grew,  as well as other career endeavors,  from my deeper dive into the law of attraction both personally and professionally.  I would recommend this coaching certification program for anyone wanting to grow their business and their life.”

Sherry Gabba

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