The Coaching, Inspiration + Transformation You Need to Embody Your Purpose

Create More Income & Impact with this Empowering Online Group Program!

Magnetize more clients and abundant opportunities

Gain confidence to connect to your mission in a more meaningful way

Experience powerful processes for more clarity and direction

Receive mentoring, guidance and support from Eve

Create More Income & Impact with this Empowering Online Group Program!

  You’re here for a reason!

The world needs you to share your gifts now more than ever.

As we face complex challenges like never before, it’s important to surround yourself with an empowering community of like-minded people.

We need more conscious world-changers like you!

You’re meant to play an important role in cultivating a global transformation that lifts up all.

It’s time to take an evolutionary leap by aligning your life with your soul’s purpose.

This program is…



Embrace an abundant mindset and awareness through potent practices that lift you up



Heal your body, mind and spirit to tap into your infinite potential, value and authentic presence



Break the bonds of the outdated paradigm to boldly speak your truth and increase your visibility



Amplify your confidence by fully embodying your sacred path in a way that sets you free

This edition of Soul Alignment will focus on clearing blocks to embodying your soul’s purpose in the 7 main chakras.

You will release negative programming from your chakras, body + mind for more empowerment and success.

You’ll reclaim your birthright of abundance, expand your self worth and activate your voice + inner wisdom.

This 6-Month group program will include processes from transformational coaching, visioning and energy healing.

Each month you’ll deepen your connection with your spirit in a way that aligns with your mission and frees up your time.

This online program will provide you with…

Coaching + Transformation for Breakthroughs and Momentum

Tools to Unlock Profound Prosperity in Your Life and Career

Motivation to Take Inspired Action

Supportive Mentor + Community

And so much more!

Joining the Soul Alignment Coaching Community gives you the keys:



Receive coaching, inspiration, accountability and encouragement from our supportive community



Each month you will be guided through exercises and processes that expand your abundance and accelerate your growth 



Save precious time, avoid mistakes and learn from Eve, a celebrated coach, healer and expert

Program Details

 You’ll receive 2 monthly live Zoom group classes every month for 6 months. The live classes will include transformational exercises plus time for mentoring, coaching and Q & A with Eve.

In our interactive live virtual monthly classes, Eve will provide you with powerful techniques, tools and coaching that will allow you to align with your soul’s purpose to accelerate your abundance.

All classes will be recorded and available for download on our exclusive online portal site.

You will get ongoing access after the program has ended to our online student portal where you can easily access all the course materials, connect with our fantastic community, and get support.

The program starts November 8th, 2023 through April 2024.

Live classes will be 60 minutes long via zoom on Wednesdays at 8 am PT / 10 am CT / 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT. You can participate online via video, computer or phone.

When you join today, in additional to this life-changing program, you will receive the valuable bonuses below.

Time is sensitive — enroll today!

Soul Alignment is a life-changing group program and community!


Manifest more fulfillment & financial freedom

Open the door to joyously magnetizing more money in your life

Break free of old conditioning and authentically evolve your life and career

Attract well paying clients that are excited about working with you

Heal insecurities to embrace your mission and create a more sustainable future

Achieve your goals more quickly and easily

These interactive live virtual classes are designed to align your purpose for true prosperity.

Watch Our Client Stories…

Chantal DeSouza

Rachel Mohr

It’s time to live in a way that awakens your soul and aligns with your deepest calling

Unleash your true potential so you can wake up excited about your life and work


Receive more prosperity to enrich your spiritual and financial freedom


Have more time and energy to focus on what really matters to you


Effortlessly manifest your best future, let go of struggle and open to more ease


Liberate and empower others to bring deep healing to the world and yourself

Your presence matters and this is the time to share your gifts with the world in a way that lifts up you and others.

This program will connect you to the divine flow of abundance with more ease and inspiration.

You’ll be amazed how having a trusted mentor and supportive community on your side will help unlock your prosperity and potential.

Your presence matters and this is the time to share your gifts with the world in a way that lifts up you and others.

This program will connect you to the divine flow of abundance with more ease and inspiration.

You’ll be amazed how having a trusted mentor and supportive community on your side will help unlock your prosperity and potential.

This program is for you even if….

You’re unclear about your ideal clients or customers

You don’t have enough time

You don’t have an advanced education

You’re overwhelmed or really busy

You’ve tried other programs without success

You want to make a difference and don’t know where to start

You doubt your abilities

You’re uncertain about how to share your gifts

Best selling author, coach, healer and transformation expert, Dr. Eve Agee empowers others from a place of deep authenticity and integrity.

For over 20 years, Eve has helped thousands of people across the globe connect with their passions and purpose through her coaching and online programs.

A highly respected mentor and teacher, Eve brings a holistic, spiritual approach to her online training programs that honors each person.

An anthropologist and breathwork facilitator with extensive expertise in shamanism and holistic healing, Eve has also worked at the White House and taught at the University of Virginia.

Eve’s work has been featured on Google News, NBC, ABC, BBC, iTV Apple News and NPR. She is the Founder of the Transform Coaching Academy, rated as one of the top coaching certification programs in the world.

Eve’s mission is to help people tap into true prosperity and raise the consciousness on the planet to create an abundant, sustainable future for all.


I also met a wonderful community of women…

Eve is a skilled, compassionate and wise teacher and I found myself looking forward to each class as a highlight of my week. I also met a wonderful community of women in the program and am happy to say that many are now my close friends and also colleagues with whom I can share this amazing path. I am blessed to have found the work I am meant to do.

Jennifer Cushman, New Zealand

Eve is an amazing teacher and mentor…

I came to Eve at a point in my life where I was disheartened. I was literally giving myself one last chance, and I’m so glad I did! Eve is an amazing teacher and mentor. She truly believes in each one of us and is committed to our success. There is so much light and love in her! Thank you Eve, my life is forever changed because of your love and dedication. I’m forever grateful!

Ruth Wong, Singapore

Her techniques helped me tap into deep…

My experience taking Eve’s course was richer than I ever imagined. Eve pours her heart and soul into all aspects of the training and throughout, I felt a profound transformation unfolding. Her techniques helped me tap into deep layers of inner wisdom and surprising potential. I still continue to be amazed at how profound this work is and how fast shifts can be made. I hadn’t expected to sense such a profound shift that quickly, while attending the class online.

Karen Miraldi, Ohio USA

Everyone who enrolls today in this program will also receive these valuable bonuses:

Bonus #1: Dream Life Accelerator

(Value $347)

In this live energy activation Eve will guide you to clear your blocks and open up to the life of your dreams.

This bonus training will allow you to align your desires and create a high vibrational abundant reality.

This training will be live on Wednesday, November 15 at 10 am CT/11 am ET, plus a recording will be available

Bonus #2: Unlock your Prosperity and Purpose Daily Guided Meditation

(Value $127)

Using this uplifting visualization will empower you to embody your purpose and help you become a beacon for success and prosperity.

You’ll be amazed at how this inspiring daily meditation opens the door to more abundance and fulfillment.

Bonus #3: Cultivate An Evolved Prosperity Mindset Success Journal

(Value $237)

This professionally designed daily success journal will help you create unshakeable abundance in your life.

Utilizing this journal will support your growth and empower you to tap into the flow of divine abundance.

Space is Limited, enroll today!

For a limited time, I am offering this Soul Alignment Coaching Community and these awesome bonuses and I’m giving you two ways to register!

Bonus 1: Dream Life Accelerator (Value $347)

Bonus #2: Unlock your Prosperity and Purpose Daily Guided Meditation​ ($127)

Bonus #3: Cultivate An Evolved Prosperity Mindset Success Journal (Value $237)

Save $500 and receive valuable bonuses when you join today.


Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident in the value and quality of this program that I am offering a 30 day money back guarantee from the commencement of the program, so if for any reason you feel that this is not the right program for you, I will give you your money back.

I’m assured that my transaction is 100% secure and after my information is processed, I’ll receive an electronic receipt and instructions within a few moments.

Space is Limited.

Go ahead and take this once in a lifetime opportunity now.

Click above to enroll in the Soul Alignment Coaching Community.

It would be my honor to guide you to more prosperity.

Love & Praise for Eve + Her Programs

Working with Eve has been truly transformative for me…

I’ve learned and benefitted so much from Eve Agee, her programs and this uplifting community of like minded people.

Eve’s leadership demonstrates how powerful it is to truly see and hold others in their full power and potential. Eve shows the power of femininity in leadership, where connection, love and presence operate to open people up to believe in themselves and inspire them into positive action. Working with her has been truly transformative for me personally and as a leader as well as for everyone in the circle. Eve shows up consistently with authenticity, presence and genuine optimism, and inspires you to both believe it’s possible for you and to find your way there, too! It’s amazing. Thank you, Eve, for the deep gifts you give!

Tatyana Krimgold, Berlin Germany

We supported each other, celebrated…

I am so thankful that I answered my calling and found Eve. The Circle was an exceptional opportunity and essential. With Eve’s mentorship and the support of the sisters in my class I was able to reclaim my voice, face myself and begin the healing process. We supported each other, celebrated our successes and gave support when there were challenges.

I now realize how important it is to stay connected with like-minded people. Eve always considers our needs and provides opportunities so that we can continue to grow in our personal lives and professionally. I am blessed and honored to have such an extraordinary mentor.

Lahna A. Wood, Aruba

Being in Eve’s Circle has been invaluable…

In Eve’s leadership programs, she provides wonderful tools for finding clarity of purpose, self-awareness and self-empowerment, expansion of vision, connection and motivation. I have taken on numerous leadership responsibilities in recent years, including the running of a non-profit organization.

Being in Eve’s Circle has been invaluable in helping me find both clarity and balance in these roles, and hone my skills in leading others; working with people one on one as well as in large groups. Not only is Eve a wonderful instructor but the community of people in this Circle is supportive, encouraging and caring – a fantastic network as you begin your own new adventure.

Clair McCormick, Texas, USA

I’ve transformed on a deeper level & have gained…

Wow, have I changed & how has my life flourished in the last few years since taking Eve’s programs and being in her Circle and Shamanism. I have been transformational in ways I did not anticipate but embraced fully. I’ve transformed on a deeper level & have gained so many remarkable tools. Personally, I was shown the keys to leave a 15 year relationship that was stifling me and opened to a whole new life of freedom. I moved across the country to a beautiful community, found the perfect studio space, car and home and fell in love with the partner of my dreams and recently got married and am so happy.

I’ve opened to more creativity as an artist, healer and love helping women heal. I will continue to take Eve’s programs because I keep getting more & more from them and highly recommend any you feel called to take as well!

Kelley Wilks, New Mexico, USA

Eve is so kind, genuine, and knowledgeable…

Eve is so kind, genuine, and knowledgeable. She truly cares about her students and believes in each one of us. Without her support and her incredible program, I would lack the knowledge, resources, and especially the confidence that I so needed. Eve is the real deal, and so are her beautiful offerings to the world.

Kelly Wojtaszek, Spain

Eve inspires each person to honor their own…

Eve has such a wise, broad worldview from her anthropological studies and shamanic training from around the world. She has a deep understanding for global transformation in a way that is valuable and health giving. The teachings of what I call ‘modern day shamanism concepts’ combined with the latest coaching techniques will ignite your transformations to the next level.

Eve inspires each person to honor their own mind, body, and spirit so they are able to become their own true self. This creates a sense of enlivened energy toward self-care for themselves, their families, their business, and contribute to changing the world for the good of all. Eve’s great skill at leading groups through self-care techniques and guided meditations is amazing! This leads to true transformation. I love the way she inspires us to become leaders to help heal the planet.

Trisha Miller, Oregon USA

This year has brought much growth for me…

I’d like to thank you for caring and putting so much effort and quality into this program. I’m really happy with my decision to study with you. I feel confident with the skills and knowledge that the program has provided us. This year has brought much growth for me. I have made great strides, both personally and professionally. Thank you, Eve. What you bring to the world makes a big difference and will have ripple effects for many years to come.

Myriam Webb, Canada

Experienced positive changes in my mind, body and spirit…

Since my coaching with Eve Agee, I have experienced positive changes in my mind, body and spirit. The changes have been faster than I could have managed on my own. I’ve doubled my client base in just two years (my income has doubled, as well)! My relationships are more fulfilling, and I’ve never felt so connected to the Divine. I am truly thankful to Eve for her support and the knowledge she has so graciously passed on to me.

Hannah Pasquinzo, USA

Eve has helped me develop a powerful…

My work with Eve has definitely changed my life in many positive ways. Besides feeling more optimistic about myself and the future, Eve has helped me develop a powerful toolset that I can use on my own. Eve is a powerful healer. She is very intuitive and has deep experience with many healing approaches. Eve is also one of the most caring healers that I’ve worked with–you know she is there for you. Eve’s visualizations feel like they connect me to my innermost core.

Judi Newman, Maryland USA


Who is Dr. Eve Agee?

Dr. Eve Agee is a highly respected mentor, coach, healer and Founder of the Transform Coaching Academy. For over 20 years, Eve has mentored thousands of people across the globe to embody their purpose and grow successful holistic businesses. She’s worked for the White House, taught at the University of Virginia and also trained extensively in shamanism, yoga, breathwork and holistic health. She’s a best-selling author, mother and her work has been featured in NBC, BBC, ABC, NPR & iTV. Eve will be your guide in the Soul Alignment Coaching Community Program.

Is there a payment plan?

There are two payment options:
You can make one payment of $488 by selecting the one payment button or you’re welcome to spread out the cost of tuition into 6 monthly payments of $97 (billed every 30 days) by selecting the 6 payment button.

Is there a refund policy?

There is a 30 day money back guarantee from the commencement of the program classes, so if for any reason you feel that this is not the right program for you, I will give you your money back.

When and where is the program held?

This program is 100% online and you can attend from anywhere. It starts November 8, 2023 and will run 6 months through April 2024.

How do I enroll in the program?

Select one of the payment options on this page to go to the secure enrollment site. You’ll be able to select your method of payment and enter your basic profile information and register. It’ll be an honor to have you in this life-changing program!

How long is the program and what kind of time commitment is required?

The program is 6 months long and is designed to save you time and help you make the progress you want more quickly than you could on your own. You can expect to spend 3 hours a month of time in the program. Being in the Soul Alignment Coaching Community Program will enable you to focus on what’s most important for you, so you know the best steps to take and use your time more efficiently. You’ll experience more flow, no matter how busy you are.

Can I take this program if I’m super busy, work full time, have a family or other commitments?

Yes, this program was specifically developed for people who are very busy, who are either working full-time, have families, busy lives and other commitments. If you’re very busy, this program will support you to take the actions you need to grow with more clarity and direction. If you cannot join the live virtual classes, you will be able to watch or listen to the recordings in a manner that corresponds with your own schedule so you can do this entire program at a pace that is right for you and receive the full benefit. Being able to take and complete this program from the comfort of your home or office will also help those with full schedules.

What is the Soul Alignment Coaching Community program?

The Soul Alignment Coaching Community is a 6 month interactive online program led by Dr. Eve Agee. In this program, Eve will provide you and this wonderful community with mentorship, personalized guidance and transformational exercises to embody your purpose, achieve your goals and experience more fulfillment and abundance sharing your gifts.

Will I receive personal attention?

Yes, you will be able to participate, ask questions and get laser coaching from Eve in the live virtual classes as well as interact with Eve and our community in our exclusive online portal. Eve will believe in you and support you to embody your purpose and bring all the different areas of your life and career into alignment.

Can I access recordings if I miss the class?

All classes will be available via recording. You can access and download those recordings from our exclusive online portal so you can benefit fully from this training even if you cannot make the live virtual classes.

Will there be any other expenses to take this program other than the registration fee?

There will be no additional charges for the Soul Alignment Coaching Community Program.

Will I get access to the classes after the program has ended?

Yes, you will receive ongoing access to our online student portal even after the program has completed. You will also be able to download the class videos for your learning library.

I have never taken a class by distance learning before, will it be easy to take a program given virtually?

Many people enjoy virtual programs immensely, in part because it gives you access to excellent material and learning with the convenience and time saving benefits. You do not have to leave your home or office to travel to courses or miss work or family obligations and will have the recordings if you cannot make it to the live classes. You can always review the recorded classes as many times as you want to review the information and familiarize yourself more with any aspect of the material, even if you attend all the live virtual classes.

What are webinars and how do they work?

Webinars are internet based classes that allow you to log into the live class with your computer or call in with your phone. We use Zoom for the live classes of the Soul Alignment Coaching Community Program. This video and conference call technology allows us to come together for the live classes and all participants can interact in the class through phone or internet. The technology is simple and very easy to use. You will receive video recordings of each live class that you can download for your learning library.

What exactly is shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition practiced in indigenous cultures throughout the world. Shamanism is not a religion and there are no uniform systems of practice. Shamanism is about restoring balance and health to all humans, the environment and all beings. Shamans are leaders and protectors of their communities and the Earth and work to help all beings heal and find a sustainable way forward. Shamans are focused on health and healing for the entire community including people, animals, plants, the planet and all life.

What if I have more questions?

We would love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call Eve’s office at 1-800-584-4601 or email us here at support@transformcoachingacademy.com

The Circle provided me with the inspiration…

Being in the Circle has completely transformed my coaching practice, my financial situation, and my life in general. The Circle provided me with the inspiration, support, and accountability that I needed for a complete change of mindset and awesome shift in energy, based on transformative processes and amazing group coaching.

Being in the Circle with a wonderful group of supportive women, whose powerful shared intentions benefited everyone involved, is something that I’m so grateful for. Thanks so much to Eve Agee for facilitating the Circle – you are AMAZING!!

Fran Moore, Indiana USA

“The best investment I have ever made!”

Eve is a supportive, empathetic, in touch, and natural teacher. When I meditated on what my purpose was during those last few months of undergrad, Eve’s group discovery session email invite popped into my inbox and I still do not know how! All I know is that it was a blessing.

The space that she creates for us to learn and grow is unmatched. I was not only able to change my life by walking in my purpose, but assist others in walking in theirs. You will intuitively be reassured time and time again that you’ve made the right choice.”

Kaya Hampton Virginia, USA

The group energy of helping, challenging…

I’ve committed to several mentorship circles with Eve because the regular, intentional interaction with others is vital to my continuing growth. The group energy of helping, challenging, and encouraging each other is incredibly powerful, no matter what stage I’ve been in.

Eve teaches, guides, and gives invaluable feedback expanding your confidence, your knowledge, and your driving desire to get out there and be of service as well as powerful processes designed to clear blocks, bring clarity, and empower you to keep moving toward your dreams. She has helped me see myself as the leader I really am, and to take actions that match the vision I have for my purpose and my business as an artist and healer.

Michelina Matarrese, California, USA