Module One: Setting the Foundations for Success

The first module will introduce you to the fundamentals, purpose and professional scope of Coaching and provide you with the knowledge and standards of coaching needed to become a successful coach. You will become knowledgeable about the developments of the coaching industry, how coaching can benefit your clients and why this is a great time to become a coach. You will also start to train in the powerful techniques of the Transform Coaching AcademyTM Coaching Program that make this unique coaching program such a success. You will learn about:

  • The core skills, techniques, and competencies of coaching
  • Coaching ethics and professional conduct
  • The fundamentals of the coach-client relationship
  • How to get the most from your Transform Coaching Certification Program
  • The importance of using active listening during coaching sessions
  • Basics of guiding clients in visualization to help them create their best life
  • Utilizing conscious breathing and guided imagery to cultivate coaching presence and connect to your inner wisdom

Module Two: Mastering the Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching

The second module takes you deeper into the core competencies of coaching as outlined by the International Coach Federation so you can become a truly masterful coach. You will receive hands on practice creating trust and intimacy with clients, cultivating your coaching presence, and developing effective communication skills for powerful coaching. You will train in the skills needed to empower your clients to achieve their goals so you can be a successful, confident coach. You will also begin practice in guiding clients in visualization and conscious breathing exercises. In this module, you will learn to:

  • Leverage the six keys for communication to move your clients toward their goals
  • Employ effective questioning, attentive listening, and open communication skills for coaching success
  • Create a great environment for powerful sessions with clients
  • Establish trust, safety, and openness in the coach-client relationship
  • Set the energy for profound transformation to take place during coaching
  • Lead clients in initial guided imagery exercises
  • Teach clients how to employ conscious breathing to connect with their inner wisdom
  • Prepare the your initial sessions including utilizing our intake and welcome forms with new clients
  • Use the TCA Done-For-You handouts that you can utilize to assist clients to achieve their goals

Module Three: The True Secret to Creating a Magical Life

Research shows that ninety-seven percent of our actions, results, and lives are actually controlled by our unconscious beliefs. This occurs because our unconscious beliefs influence our feelings and thoughts, our feelings determine our actions (including inaction), and our actions affect our results. In this module you will learn powerful belief identification techniques for assisting your clients in transforming their unconscious beliefs, energy, and mindset and establishing empowering beliefs that will enable them to manifest their dreams and achieve their goals. In this module, you will:

  • Master the proven system to help your clients uncover and release their limiting beliefs and integrate new beliefs that will allow them to create their best life.
  • Learn to identify beliefs that are most damaging to your clients’ well-being
  • Become proficient in guiding visualizations that allow clients to reveal and let go of sabotaging unconscious beliefs and create new beliefs that support them
  • Acquire the skills and confidence to be comfortable with energy and emotions that come up in coaching sessions
  • Includes handouts that you can use to assist clients to achieve their goals
  • Transform limiting beliefs of your own while you learn this remarkable coaching system

Module Four: The Power of the Future

To create your best life, career and business, it is imperative to have a clear vision and goals for the future. Yet, so many people are conditioned to have a bleak relationship to the future that it is often even difficult for them to imagine an abundant love-filled future for themselves or for our world. This module will provide you with the processes you can use with your clients to empower them to develop a vibrant relationship to the future, create their most magnificent vision, live the life of their dreams, and make their most meaningful contributions to the world. In this module, you will:

  • Discover a life-changing step-by-step process to help yourself and your clients release all blocks and conditioning to having a future filled with profound peace, happiness, and love
  • Train to guide your clients into their Sparkling Future Pathways and a complete series of powerful visualizations that open them to creating the future of their dreams
  • Be taught exercises to use with your clients that ensure that all their life and career choices support them in manifesting the results they desire
  • Receive Ready-To-Use charts for tracking client accountability and progress
  • Learn how to instruct your clients to use TCA handouts that will help them clarify their future vision and take action steps to achieve their goals
  • Cultivate a rich relationship with your own future that will enhance every aspect of your life, career, and relationships and allow you to build a profitable and successful coaching business so you can make your biggest contributions to the world

Module Five: Neuroscience: Understanding the Science behind True Transformation

In this module you’ll go deeper into the recent research on Neuroscience that shows exactly why coaching and the transformational processes you will be taught at the Transform Coaching AcademyTM, will help your clients so much. You’ll learn how to explain the science of personal growth and high achievement to your clients and know how to help your clients change their outlook, energy, and habits in profound ways. This module will:

  • Familiarize you with recent neuroscience research so you can confidently (and credibly!) explain why coaching with you will help your prospective clients so much
  • Further your expertise in assisting clients in designing action steps, setting goals, and making real progress
  • Allow you to utilize proven neuroscience research in your coaching to empower your clients to move beyond limitations, establish new neural pathways and release unwanted habits so they can create truly remarkable lives!
  • Train in techniques that allow you to guide your clients to create lasting change in their lives and clear the blocks to being able to manifest desires that seem to allude so many
  • Support you in connecting the dots between ancient wisdom and cutting edge science while you boost your coaching skills and learn how to magnificently help your clients become high achievers

Module Six: Mastering the Law of Attraction to Achieve Success

In this module you will learn profound techniques to expand your clients’ and your own success. Many people have been perplexed by the Law of Attraction because it has frequently been described incorrectly. At the  Transform Coaching AcademyTM, you will learn about all universal laws, including the most powerful way to manifest with the Law of Attraction, a universal principal that Eve has practiced and taught very successfully for over twenty years. In this module, you will:

  • Find out about a simple, yet profound process to amplify success for you and your clients that teaches how to transform one’s feeling nature from worry, doubt and discouragement and to exuberance, enthusiasm and excitement for life and work!
  • Discover why many of the common LOA techniques taught do not fully activate the Law of Attraction and learn the key principles and processes that will help you and your clients Master the Law of Attraction and powerfully attract success
  • Open to a new way of relating to emotions that will liberate you to embrace your authentic power and celebrate your emotional complexity instead of continuing unsuccessful patterns of repressing emotions. This amazing shift will attract profound peace and ease for you, your loved ones and your clients
  • Train in techniques that allow you to guide your clients to create lasting change in their lives and clear the blocks to being able to manifest desires that seem to allude so many
  • Master exercises to help yourself and your clients cultivate a success mindset to achieve goals and activate personal satisfaction quickly and easily
  • Learn how to stay present and focused when clients experience challenging emotions

Module Seven: Magnetizing Prosperity and Abundance

This module teaches you how to support your clients to clear blocks to abundance and prosperity in every area of life, business, and career. You will integrate these principles in your own life, which will assist you in creating material and spiritual wealth throughout your life and coaching practice. This module will:

  • Teach you powerful processes to guide clients to transform their energy and more easily magnetize abundance and prosperity (and even love) in their lives
  • Introduce you to the energetics of money and enable you and your clients to release all limiting beliefs about money, prosperity, and wealth and develop a healthy relationship with money and abundance
  • Give you and your clients the keys to be able to receive beneficial, abundant energy–with a focus on how to enhance and balance one’s feminine and masculine energies to manifest with more ease in life
  • Show you how to help clients shift from a place of scarcity and lack to an abundant mindset and energy
  • Present new profound understandings of personal value and self-worth that will help clients create lives where they feel fully valued and feel confident that their contributions and gifts are valued
  • Provide you with Done-For You worksheets and exercises you can use to help clients create richness in all areas of their lives
  • It will help you to open fully to appreciating your inherent value as a human being, your work as a life coach and the other contributions you bring to our world. This recognition will help allow you to set your coaching fees at a level that will bring increased prosperity

Module Eight: Intuition and the Energy of Life

Quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and a multitude of ancient spiritual traditions all agree that at an elemental level, everything in the universe is energy. To truly succeed in life, it is essential to understand and know how to work with life force or energy as well as your intuition. Yet, modern society has not taught us these skills and Western culture has ignored even the presence of energy for hundreds of years leaving most people uncertain about the best ways to balance and replenish the energy that is so very vital to our lives.

Coaching is about helping clients reveal the wisdom that already exists inside themselves. The Transform Coaching AcademyTM Certification Program is distinct from most other coaching programs because it provides excellent training in how to assist your clients in connecting to their intuition and rejuvenating their energy to increase vitality, productivity, pleasure, and success. In this module you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of energy release, restoration, and transformation and how to easily teach your clients these processes so they become masters of their life energy
  • A totally new way of relating to your body and self that enhances your confidence and personal power, increases your intuitive ability, and expands your leadership presence; all of which you can share with your clients
  • Ancient principles and approaches to release persistent sabotage patterns and establish internal harmony
  • Simple yet profound visualizations based on cutting edge science to help your clients (and yourself) restore health and amplify power
  • How to employ energy balancing techniques when you work with groups or do public speaking that will create more joy and connection with your audience
  • Life-changing methods to help your clients tap into their inner wisdom and connect to their true life’s purpose and calling
  • Innovative practices that clients can use to increase their vitality and transform their health
  • The groundbreaking system Eve developed over the past fifteen years to help people connect to their deepest knowing and most sacred truth

Module Nine: The Business of Coaching

Many people are mainly attracted to coaching because they want to help others and play a part in creating a better world for us all. It is vitally important to remember that to be able to continue to help others you need to have a successful, sustainable business that benefits and provides for you. While many coaching programs just focus on helping their students develop effective coaching skills, the Transform Coaching AcademyTM provides each coach-in-training with the preparation needed to create a successful, profitable coaching business. In this module, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals for setting up your full-time or part-time coaching practice or integrating coaching as a profitable new skill in your current position or business
  • Proven approaches for writing your business plan and vision
  • How to transform your mindset about marketing and promoting your business and prioritize marketing as an important regular part of your work schedule
  • Powerful, yet simple marketing techniques to reach your core niche market
  • To recognize, honor and articulate the value you provide to your clients
  • The best practices for establishing your fee structure and charging what you are worth, including training on how to gracefully communicate your fees and easily sell your services to clients
  • How to magnetize your ideal clients
  • The coaching business model that is best for delivering your services
  • Methods to generate steady income streams through your coaching packages
  • The importance of life-work balance for continued business success
Valeriana Pasqua-Masback

"I am so grateful that you are in my life! The Transform Coaching Academy Certification Program is really very special. You have done an amazing job with the teleclasses, the practice sessions, the book…It’s amazing, 100% more than I ever expected!!!"

Valeriana Pasqua-Masback, New York, New York
Michon Lartigue

“From the very first module I recognized [TCA] would be a powerful tool in my own life. The fact that it has given me a framework, and trained me to also help others as a coach is truly a miracle.”

Michon Lartigue, Washington D.C.
Donna Wood

“I decided to take the TCA program after evaluating a few other coaching programs. What I liked best about Eve’s program was how it integrated holistic teaching alongside practical information. I know Coaching is my calling and taking the TCA program really laid the groundwork for my practice. Thanks Eve!”

Donna Wood, Ontario, Canada